September 21, 2020

RoseMarie Terenzio JFK Jr. Personal Assistant

We have heard of RoseMarie Terenzio before, not just she was John F. Kennedy Jr.’s personal assistant for year, she is also the author of the book Fairy tale Interrupted. But wouldn’t you like to know about her and what about the secrets she has about the late couple?

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RoseMarie Terenzio was born in the Bronx. She worked as a personal assistant of JFK Jr. from 1994 until his the moment of hi death on July  16th. 1999. After John’s death she continued to work with the Kennedy family, with John’s sister Caroline Kennedy to be precise, Terenzio helped her with John’ estate.

A year late she was working for Al Gore during his presidential campaign, RoseMarie then moved into fashion doing some PR consulting for Hermes, Viktor &Rolf and  Narsiso Rodriguez. She became a key factor in the booking of actors in Sex In The City and also in several Broadway Shows.

44 year-old RoseMarie Terenzio’s New York based public relations and talent management firm RMT PR Management was funded in 2004. She serves on the Board Of Director at Reaching Up [John] nonprofit organization.

Her book Fairy tale Interrupted a book that she describes as a “loving story and a fascinating adventure, filled with warmth, humor, insight, and five years’ worth of unforgettable memories”.

In an article published by The New York Times Terenzio tells about the happy and sad  times she witnessed with John and Carolyn. Have a look..

Rosemarie terenzio john kennedy jr assistant pics“When John wasn’t around, Terenzio writes, the photographers pounced. “Whenever she went out — to get coffee, walk the dog, or meet a friend — they were there, pushing in close and shouting things like ‘wh***e’ and ‘b***h.’ ”

“The meaner the stories in the press, the more Carolyn retreated into herself. The process was heartbreaking to witness and made me want to kill people who said, ‘Well, she knew what she was getting into when she married John.’ How could Carolyn possibly have known the extent of it beforehand? I sure had no idea what I was getting into when I took the job with John.”

Then came the day of his cousin’s wedding at Martha Vineyard, and John was upset..

“What’s wrong?” I asked John, who I could tell was upset. “Carolyn has decided she’s not coming to Rory’s wedding,” he said.

Terenzio got on the phone to Carolyn immediately. “Carolyn, are you f – – king kidding me?” I said. “What are you doing? You’re smarter than this.”

“I’m not a priority,” she said. “It’s always something else. George. Somebody getting fired. An event. A trip to Italy to meet advertisers.”

“I know,” Terenzio told her. “But now’s not the time to take a stand. His whole family’s going to be at this wedding, and you need to go with him.”

The monstrous picture on the screen conflicted with an image that continued to run through my mind, consoling me like an old family photo, of John landing in a field and exiting the plane, a dirt-streaked Carolyn, angry but unhurt, not far behind,” she writes.

But reality slapped her in the face when Sen. Ted Kennedy’s office phoned in the pre-dawn of Sunday morning. “In a tight, quiet voice, his aide relayed the message that the Coast Guard had changed the status of its mission from search and rescue to search and recovery,” she writes. “I knew with certainty. John and Carolyn were gone.”

Rosemarie terenzio john kennedy jr assistant imageRosemarie terenzio john kennedy jr assistant photosRosemarie terenzio john kennedy jr assistant imagesRosemarie terenzio john kennedy jr assistant picRosemarie terenzio john kennedy jr assistant pictureRosemarie terenzio john kennedy jr assistant

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