January 24, 2021

Carole Elizabeth Middleton and Michael Francis Middleton are Kate Middleton’s Parents (wiki, photos)

Most Britons are waiting with excitement for the arrival of the first baby of the royal couple Prince William and Catherine Middleton. Kate does not have a royal ancestry and she is a commoner. She is the eldest child of Michael and Carol Middleton who run their own small business. Carol Elizabeth married Michael Francis Middleton in 1980. The time of their marriage, Carol was an air hostess and Michael worked as a flight dispatcher. However, the couple set up their own business in 1987 by the name of Party Pieces. The business revolves around party supplies that the company provides to customers ordering online.

Prince William would love to have royal grandparents for his baby       

There are reports that Carol and Michael Middleton could soon get royal titles, even before the arrival of the new baby inCarole Elizabeth Middleton and Michael Francis Middleton the royal family. It may look strange, but the fact is that not before in the 1000 year history has there been a future monarch without a royal grandfather. The grandfathers of all monarchs and queens of Britain have so far been kings, dukes, princes, and so on. However, some help from the palace can change the situation pretty quickly and this help can come from none other than Prince William.  It is the grandmother, Queen Elizabeth who is believed to have a say in all these matters. Prince William would love to get a royal title for his father in law and mother in law and he sure knows how to bend the aging Queen to his will.

Granting peerage is in the hands of the Queen

New peerage is customarily recommended by the PM to the Queen. So all it will take is a recommendation by the PrimeCarole Elizabeth Middleton and Michael Francis Middleton Minister to the Queen that Michael Middleton be elevated to the rank of a Lord. The most amusing part of all this is the fact that it is none other but the Queen herself who tells the Prime Minister who should get an elevation in the social order. An earldom for the Middletons would mean that Michael Middleton becomes a Lord and Carol Elizabeth Middleton becomes a Countess.

It would indeed be a perfect example of social mobility in modern Britain if Middletons could rise to the ranks in the Royalty even though Michael Middleton may not ever get a chance to sit in the House of Lords or vote on legislation.

Photos courtesy: dailymail.co.uk