March 3, 2021

Kate Middleton’s Fake, Photoshopped Pregnant Pictures in Star Magazine

It seems that media can’t stop from attacking Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge, now it was Star magazine who allegedly published fake pictures of Kate with a baby bump, the preggy photo was actually photoshopped taken from the Duchess’ trip to Singapore

Kate Middleton pregnant pic

The two publications on Star Magazine where they took the liberty to photoshopped a couple of pictures of Kate Middleton while she visited Singapore to make her look not just pregnant, but pregnant with twins and made false statements.

Star Magazine photoshopped Kate Middleton pregnant pic

They based their theory on Kate making a toast with her glass fill with water while Singapore’s first lady glass is fill with white wine, claimed her weight gained forced her wardrobe to have a few adjustments like expanding waistline.

Star Magazine photoshopped Kate Middleton pregnant photos

Unfortunately for them, their photoshop abilities probed not to be so good and even thought they gave Kate a believable baby bump, they messed up with some details like deleting her engagement ring and deleting the first lady’s hand completely from the original picture. Busted Star!!

Star Magazine photoshopped Kate Middleton pregnant picKate Middleton pregnant pictureKate Middleton fake pregnant picStar Magazine photoshopped Kate Middleton pregnant picture

Kate Middleton Pregnant Video

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