January 18, 2021

Angelina Jolie has Bad Breath! Brad Pitt Reveals!

Angelina has bad breath! Brad Pitt Reveals recently. This is a secret but Brad Pitt knows it very much because he need to smell it everyday! Brad Pitt was rumored to send Angelina Jolie the breath mint as a gift, not the romantic dinner or diamond rings, but the breath mint! Maybe that’s more useful for Angelina and also benefits Pitt! Plus don’t need to spend too much money on it! 


Angelina Jolie: let’s pose to kiss each other

Pitt: Just turn your head aside and smile, don’t open your mouth! You are more beautiful this way…

Angelna: …

That’s a joke gift – insider

You can see the couple always tease each other, but from another point of view, Angelina Jolie did has bad breath, or why Pitt teased her of that?
It’s not surprised to find Angelina Jolie had bad breath because of the too much pressure she has to face every day, and she has to be on strict diet plan which all lead to bad breath. In fact many celebrities needs to face such problems but it seems really hard to find the real bad breath treatment.
Anyhow, Angelina Jolie is beautiful and a good part is, Angelina Jolie’s bad breath dosen’t bother us!