January 20, 2021

Ruth Hicks is One Direction Niall Horan’s Girl at Pool

Probably you remember seeing dome photos of One Direction’s member Niall Horan mingling with some girls at a pool in Marbella last week, yes? Well one of those girls was Ruth Hicks who had a boyfriend (Joe Adkins) at that time, but then Joe dumped her after seeing her with Niall. Poor girl.


Here we have newly-single girl Ruth Hicks one of the stunning girls in bikini, seen with Niall Horan at a hen party in Marbella, she has the sexy  copper hair girl with the red one piece swimsuit who was clearly enjoying chatting with Niall and he seemed to be enjoying himself too.

One guy was not enjoying  the scene the last bit and that is Ruth’s ex boyfriend and former fiancée 32-year-old Joe Adkins, who was felt betrayed, hurt and fooled by Hicks after watching her with Horan, so he dumped her tan-butt.

“Seeing my fiancée with that boy was so hurtful.” said Adkins.

Joe didn’t wait until talking to Ruth personally to broke their engagement, he texted her “Pack your things, it’s over.” By the way Ruth’s Twitter is here

Ruth commented about Joe’s reaction..

“Joe feels like I have humiliated him. But I love him more than anything and would do anything to get him back. It’s all just a giant misunderstanding but he won’t even see me so I can’t explain.”

While Hicks seemed really into Niall, she said he is not her type at all.

“We only spent about 15 minutes in each other’s company and we didn’t kiss. Niall seemed a sweet boy and I think he fancied his chances with me. He was very flirty. But I told him I was engaged and he moved on.

“He’s not my type anyway — he’s too young, too puny and too short. And I am very much in love with my fiancé.”

Well too bad this happened to her, It looked to me like she has enjoying the media attention, perhaps this is a hard way to learned that sometimes media attention comes with a price, the question is, are you willing to pay for it?

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