November 24, 2020

Saeko Darvish is Yu Darvish Wife

Did you know that Japanese pitcher Yu Darvish is coming to play with the Texas Rangers, but his negotiations will take some time due to the fact that Yu is dealing with  his divorce? Who is his wife? Her name is Saeko Darvish and this is a little bio we have prepared for you.

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First of all let’s find out more about her still hubby, 25 year0old Yu Darvish born in Habikino, Japan to Farsad Darvish (From Iran) and his mother Ikuyo from Japan. His father was a soccer player and motocross racer.

Darvish became a fantastic pitcher ever since high school, although MLB teams showed interest in him, his only interest remain in playing professionally in Japan.In 2005 he signed with the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters his team until this day. For the 2012 season the bid ob Darvish is allegedly of 51.7 million, with the Rangers earning negotiations rights with him, but if he and Saeko don’t settle on a divorce agreement he will have no other choice but to remain in Japan with the Fighters, I guess you are wondering what is the big deal with his divorce, right?

The problem with it is that Saeko allegedly wants her share from his new contract with what ever MLB team he signs with.

When 27 year-old Saeko Darvish got married to her baseball husband Nov. 11, 2007 they became Japan’s Posh and Becks, they have two little children.

Saeko Dokyu (her maiden name) was born in Miyazaki, Miyazaki Prefecture,Japan on November 16th, 1984. She went to Horikoshi High School. After graduating she started her career as an actress where she became known simply by her firs name Saeko until she got married and took her husband’s name.

Saeko Dokyu Darvish became famous when she starred in the 2007 movie Like a Dragon and One Missed Call in 2003, she has been in over 8 movies and television series like Hotelier, Good Job, Nodame Kantabire and Dragon Zakura.

When she got married she stayed in her home in Miyazaki while Ju was working in Sapporo, she would visit him as often as she could, but the long distance and rumors about him allegedly cheating on her put a burden on their marriage. In March 2008 she gave birth to her first child a son. In July, 2009 both announced they were expecting their second child on their blogs. Saeko Darvish gave birth to another healthy, gorgeous boy last year.

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