November 29, 2020

Sam Dempster : Heart Attack Victim saved By Dustin Hoffman

Meet Sam Dempster  he is the man in London who went into a cardiac arrest while he was jogging, luckily for him Actor Dustin Hoffman was around, noticed him collapsing to the ground and called the paramedic., He is alive because of Mr. Hoffman.

Sam Depmster Dustin Huffman heart attack photos

27 year-old Sam Dempster  a lawyer in London was running in Hyde Park when his heart stopped, he felt to the ground and Academy Award actor Dustin Hoffman rushed to the rescue, he called 999 and stayed with him until paramedics arrived/

Paramedics did CPR and Sam’s heart started to beat again. Sam didn’t see that Mr. Hoffman was the one who called emergency, but the paramedics, did and they told him.

“When we were carrying the patient into the ambulance he walked up and said ‘Great job, guys’. He really appreciated what had happened.”

“I have no memory of what happened. The paramedics told me I had been saved by Dustin Hoffman. It’s unbelievable.”

Sam Dempster  studied Law and Sports Management  at Bond university, from 06’ to 08’ the year of his graduation he was a solicitor at Mellor Olsson Lawyers and after graduation he went to work with Sports & Entertainment Limited as a Licensing executive, in 2009 he was a solicitor at Swaab Attorneys.

Sam was treated at a London Hospital he underwent the same heart surgery soccer player Fabrice Muamba did a few week ago, both are expected to make a full recovery, we are so happy about that!


Sam Depmster Dustin Huffman heart attack photoSam Depmster Dustin Huffman heart attack picSam Depmster Dustin Huffman heart attack picsSam Depmster Dustin Huffman heart attack picture

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