February 26, 2021

Sammi Kane Kraft-Bad News Bears Actress Dies (Driver Molly Kate Adams arrested)

Sammi Kane Kraft the cute blonde actress whose baseball skills made her famous in the 2005 remake of Bad News Bears was involved in a deadly car accident with a friend Molly Kate Adams wh6 has been arrested for DWI, Sammi was 20, her brother Frankie Kraft has been talking to media about his sister’s passing.

Sammi Kane Kraft bio

Sammi Kane Kraft was born on April 2, 1992 in Livingston, N.J, to Lulu Lynda Kane and Sheldon Kraft, she had two brothers Robert and Frankie Kraft.

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Sammi was an amazing baseball player who portrayed Amanda Whurlitzer in the 2005 film Bad News Bears the remake of the 1976 original  movie starring Tatum O’Neal

1975 bad news bears tatum oneal2005_bad_news_bears_sammi_kane_kraft

Amanda a pitcher at her little league team in Toluca Lake Titans baseball team could threw a 70 mph fast ball and that was what landed her the role n the only she made in her short life. Sammie graduated in 2010 from El Camino High School, after that she studied at San Francisco State and recently enrolled at Santa Monica.

[20050718 (LA/E3) -- FOCUSED: "Bad News Bears" star Sammi Kane Kraft loves sports. -- PHOTOGRAPHER: Deana Newcomb Paramount Pictures] *** [SAMMI KANE KRAFT AS AMANDA WHURLITZER IN THE PARAMOUNT MOVIE BAD NEWS BEARS.]Sammi Kane Kraft Bad News Bears picsSammi Kane Kraft Bad News Bears

After she did the Bad News Bears Sammi Kraft forgot about Hollywood, after all it wasn’t that attractive to her, but sports that was another thing.

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“I love acting, but my real long-term goal is to compete in the Olympics.

I love to surf. Every summer we go to my grandma’s house on the Jersey Shore, and I taught myself to surf there. I also play basketball, and I also play tennis, volleyball. I play the guitar and I was on the swim team, soccer, and last summer I got my junior lifeguard certification. I don’t think I do much but sports” Sammi Kraft said during an interview in 2005.

Sammi Kane Kraft bioSammi Kane Kraft 2012 picSammi Kane Kraft-scary girlsSammi Kane Kraft-scary girls-pic

Sammi was also into music and I have to say she was a terrific musician, her band called Scary Girls performed in several venues and was quite popular, she also collaborated with Frankie on the Funerals a musical.

You can find Sammi Kraft on Facebook here.

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The day Sammi died she was a passenger at the Audi driven by 21-year-old Molly Adams of Santa Monica believed to be driving under the influence at  high speed on the 120 Freeway near Crenshaw Boulevard was rear ended by a truck then hit a Scion.

Both Sammi and Molly had to betaken out of the vehicle by firefighters, Molly was treated for minor injuries and later arrested on on suspicion of felony drunk driving, the other two drivers were not injured, sadly Sammi was pronounce dead at the Cedars Sinai hospital.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family , friends and fans during this terrible time.

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