October 29, 2020

Sarah Grimes is Nick Saban’s Daughter Kristen Saban’s Sorority Sister/ Accuser (PHOTOS)

As you all heard the news Nick Saban and wife Terry Saban are disturbed over the claimed related to their daughter Kristen Saban and her sorority sister Sarah Grimes who accused Kristen of assault and battery.


According to Sarah Grimes’ story on  August 28th, 2010 she, Kristen Saban and other friends that included Saban’s boyfriend BV, were at a local bar “Rounders”  playing a drinking game “Power Hour”, but as the hours went and the shots kept dropping by Kristen’s became angry and started to act erratic, things only became worse when she complained her beau BV didn’t pay any attention to her.

They left the bar and headed to their home where Saban got upset after a phone call with BV, she was lying on the floor with two other friends who listened to her complaining about no one understanding how hard it was for her, others tried to get her off the floor but she refused, so when Sarah told her to  get  up and shut up, hell broke loose, for over an hour and it continued on Facebook.

“After Kristen refused to get off the floor after several people had tried to help her, Sarah looked over at Kristen and said, ‘Kristen, please just shut up. We’re all sick and tired of hearing it,'”

“Kristen jumped up off the floor screaming, ‘No one likes you, you don’t have any friends’ and stormed to her room,”

After she [Saban] left she went to Facebook and posted No one likes Sarah! Yayyyyy! on her status, Grimes walked to her room and demanded that she changed her status, but she was told she was crazy and that they were done, and then came the alleged punching fight.

“Kristen immediately used both of her hands and shoved Sarah into the corner of Courtney’s open door, slamming Sarah’s head,” the lawsuit claimed. “Kristen proceeded to punch Sarah Grimes multiple times in her head and nose, and to pull Sarah’s hair, even though Kristen knew that Sarah had really bad migraines from a prior head injury from an automobile accident.”

The other girls tried to take Kristen off Sarah, when two girls (Beth Terry and Hannah Muncher) finally could Sarah Grimes’s face was bloodied and swollen.

“Kristen began hysterically crying louder and screaming, ‘I’m going to jail!’ over and over,”

Ms. Grimes received medical attention for her very serious and could have been life-threatening, the word that an emergency physician used to described Sarah’s injuries. it was later informed she suffered  a concussion, headache and a deviated septum, elbow contusion, cervical strain, plus has had repeated night terrors, anxiety, physical trembling, fears of dying from brain injuries, trouble sleeping, and intrusive recollections of the event. You can read the legal documents at Gawker.

Kristen Saban is the daughter of the University Of Alabama’s football team’s coach and his wife Terry Constable Saban, she has one other Nicholas Saban.

As for Sarah Grimes, we can tell you that that her full name is Sarah Ellen Grimes from Pensacola, Florida is 22 and studied at Gulf Breeze High School.I think that is or used to be Sarah’s Twitter, which has been deleted. She was like Saban a sister at Phi Mu Alumni (2009-2010) Alpha Zeta Chapter at The University of Alabama.


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