October 22, 2020

Scarlett’s new Husband Romain Dauriac Is His Own Man!

Tongues started wagging this week, when actress Scarlett Johansson,30 paraded her new husband Romain Daumiac,32 around the cameras. The couple have been together since 2012 and recently had a baby girl Rose. Dauriac a native and resident of France has some impressive accomplishments of his own. A renowned French tattoo artist named Fuzi Uvtpk is a mutual friend of both of them, and introduced them. Dauriac has a rather impressive resume. He was formally the editor of the French urban art magazine ‘Clark’. However he has a strong love of art, and is a collector of fine art. It is a love that he shares with his new wife. Dauriac has traveled the world acquiring fine art to add to his already vast collection. The Frenchman is said to be extremely private, and stays away from social media. Only a Twitter account could be found for him, and there were no Tweets recently, with the last being in 2010.romaindauriac

His new wife, detests social media, saying “it drives me crazy”, she said she doesn’t understand everyone’s need to share constantly. That is one of the things that draws the two together, they both crave their privacy, and are very low key. Even getting married without the media finding out until after the fact. There is not a lot known about him other than being at one time Scarlett Johansson’s boyfriend now husband. He was relatively unknown before she started dating him. Dauriac hits the gym regularly and is seen often leaving or entering gyms with Johansson, and going to five star restaurants and movie premieres. Now Dauriac owns and operates an independent ad agency.

The engagement, marriage and birth of their daughter came as a huge surprise to her fans and followers. Johansson grew up in New York City, and considers herself Jewish. Her and her new husband may have married in Montana a few months ago. But things were kept very quiet for reasons known only to them. Scarlett recently said motherhood is exhausting but she’s getting the hang of it. Johansson were previously married to actor Ryan Reynolds, from 2008 to 2011. Before her divorce was finalized from Reynolds, Joahnsson started dating actor Sean Penn. The relationship fizzled after only a few months. Some insiders said the 20 plus age difference between them was the reason for the split. She then began dating Nate Taylor an advertisement executive. That relationship would last for eighteen months. A month after breaking up with Taylor, she started dating Dauriac. He made his debut as her boyfriend in the summer of 2013 at the movie premier of ‘Hitchcock’. Johansson plays the role of actress Janet Lee in that film. Johansson and Dauriac are said to be very tired with their new baby Rose, both have told confidants that it’s a lot of work, but worth it all. This the first child for both of them, and both parents are said to be just over joyed with their new edition and very hands on. ┬áDauriac will be splitting his time between New York and France.






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