March 8, 2021

Scott Broadwell is Biographer Paula Broadwell’s Husband

Yesterday we heard the story about CIA Director General David Petraeus announcing his resignation because of his marital affair with his biographer Paula Broadwell, who is a mother of two, married to Dr. Scott Broadwell who believe it or not was well aware of the affair but  exposed them because Gen. Petraeus was doing a work he Broadwell was passionate about and the exposure would compromised that work. Continue reading to know more about that and about the life of Paula Broadwell’s husband Scott Broadwell.

Paula Broadwell husband Scott Broadwell

Because you already know way too much about Gen. Petraeus affair and the life of his alleged mistress and author of his biography All in All, Paula Broadwell, we will tell you all you need to know about her husband Dr. Scott Broadwell who as crazy as it sounds knew his wife was cheating on him and with whom.

43-year-old Scott Russell Broadwell was born on April 28, 1969 to Sharron and Russell Broadwell from Sanibel, Florida.

Dr. Broadwell  an Interventional & Vascular Radiologist,  graduated in 1996 from George Washington University/ School of Medicine And Health Sciences. He did his residency at the University of Colorado, Denver, Colorado. He is a Healthgrades Recognized Doctor, Licensed in Massachusetts, Board Certified in Diagnostic Radiology and in Interventional Radiology & Vascular Radiology.

He got married to Paula Broadwell with whom he has two sons, 7-year-old Lucien and 5-year-old Landon.

Recent reports suggest that Dr. Scott Broadwell knew his wife was having an affair with former CIA director, said he met this man that he just described as a government executive but because he admired him for the worked he has done and continue to do he was willing to keep quiet about the affair, after all he had been quietly watching them for a year already. This is the letter that many think Paula Broadwell’s husband Scott Broadwell send to NYTimes Chuck Klosterman, let’s clarify nobody confirm that Dr. Broadwell is the real sender of this letter.

My wife is having an affair with a government executive. His role is to manage a project whose progress is seen worldwide as a demonstration of American leadership. (This might seem hyperbolic, but it is not an exaggeration.)

I have met with him on several occasions, and he has been gracious. (I doubt if he is aware of my knowledge.) I have watched the affair intensify over the last year, and I have also benefited from his generosity.

He is engaged in work that I am passionate about and is absolutely the right person for the job. I strongly feel that exposing the affair will create a major distraction that would adversely impact the success of an important effort.

My issue: Should I acknowledge this affair and finally force closure? Should I suffer in silence for the next year or two for a project I feel must succeed? Should I be “true to my heart” and walk away from the entire miserable situation and put the episode behind me? NAME WITHHELD

If he is….Unbelievable!!

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