January 15, 2021

Scott Disick Partying Hard Again Without Kourtney In Aspen!

Party Boy Scott Disick, 31, father of 3 one of which is just a few weeks old is out and about again. This time he’s in the winter wonderland of Aspen, CO. Multiple sources are reporting on Disick’s escapades with a group of friends. The group spent the weekend in at the ultra luxury Hotel Jerome in downtown Aspen. A long time ┬áhaunt for the rich and famous, Disick’s antics did not disappoint. Other guests at the five star hotel, reportedly were not happy with the self proclaimed royal reality star and his friends. They were supposedly very noisy, smoked pot and cigarettes in rooms that were designated as ‘non smoking’. They also reportedly drank like famished water buffalo through the weekend. Racking up a bar tab of over 1500 dollars.scott-disick-lg

The group kicked off the weekend by one of Disick’s friends making off with a 400 dollar bottle of wine. Disick reportedly made nice with the hotel manager, but their stay was not looked at with any type of affection by the staff or other guests. No word on if Disick was spotted on the famous Rocky Mountain slopes, it appears he may have been to ‘sick’ to ski’.

Meanwhile Disick’s long-time girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian, 35, was home in Calabasas, CA with the couples three children. The pair just welcomed a son on December 18th, Reign who joined big brother Mason,5 who now shares a birthday with his younger brother. There is also a daughter Penelope, 2 years old. The two have been a couple for almost ten years, without the benefit of marriage. Disick has been a part of the reality show family since it made it’s debut in 2007. His personal battles and demons have been prominently showcased for the show’s duration.

Disick who doesn’t appear to have any type of career path or passion, seems to just exist,. His parents both passed away weeks apart in 2014. His mother Bonnie died first in February after a long illness. Her only child, Scott and her husband Jefferey were at her side in the hospital when she passed away. Six weeks later his father Jefferey died suddenly at the family home on Long Island, NY. He was said to be devastated by the losses, and was extremely close to both of his parents.

He seemed to be making progress as far as his quest for sobriety only to be challenged again after the deaths of both of his parents. Last June he was seen on his reality show being rushed to the hospital as a result of alcohol poisoning. He was admitted into rehab shortly after his hospitalization. He was making strides, but fell of the wagon not long after he left rehab, for a reported 7th stay. Friends and family have been voicing their concerns about Disick’s well being and overall health. The matter has not been addressed publicly for several months. Nothing seems to be slowing Disick’s hard partying ways down, not even even a newborn at home. Time will tell what becomes of this troubled ‘reality star’, his fans are rooting for him!

Donna Thomas

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