March 5, 2021

Scott Michael Nickerson Former Miss New Hampshire Nicole Houde Boyfriend

Meet poor Scott Nickerson he was bitten and  had minor scratches on his arm by the nails of his girlfriend Nicole Houde who is the former Miss New Hampshire, want to know more about this pair?

Scott Nickerson Miss New Hampshire Nicole House boyfriend

There is very little to know about Nicole Houde’s boyfriend or should we say ex-boyfriend 33 year-old Scott Nickerson who like her he was born in Manchester in New Hampshire in 1978, He went to Pembroke Academy in NH, studied Business Administration at Southern New Hampshire University, graduated in 2006. He was a combat Engineer at the United States Army and currently works at UnitedHealth Group.

miss New Hampshire Nicole Houde Scott Nickerson picture

The whole assault thingy between Houde and Nickerson started last weekend when he allegedly accused her of cheating on him grabbing her phone and refusing to give it back, was she hiding something in there that she was so desperate to get it back from Scott’s hand that she took  a desperate measure to snatched it back from his hold? Who knows but according to Scott Nickerson she kicked, punched, bit and scratched him. She was charged with simple assault.

miss New Hampshire Nicole Houde boyfriend  Scott Nickerson picScott Nickerson Miss New Hampshire Nicole House boyfriend picScott Nickerson Miss New Hampshire Nicole House boyfriend

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Things are not getting better for Scott Nickerson’s former flame Miss New Hampshire as  media reported she was busted once again. On June 30 she was  on June 30 for charged with Simple Assault, Domestic and Violation of Bail Conditions (for her April arrest) this is her second arrest in two months.

Mr. Nickerson once  gave an interview and talked about her alcohol abuse..

 “When Nicole starts to drink, especially liquor, she becomes extremely jealous for no reason and then violence ensues. If she doesn’t get whatever she is looking for at that moment she begins to fight to get an answer or attention. She drinks three or four times a week, and in upwards of 10 drinks at a time!”



He also said during  the assault he suffered scratches, bruises and a bloody toe..

“I have a scar on my arm from her taking a bite out of it while on a cruise in February while my own son was awake right next to us. She came back to the room drunk and woke us up and started fighting me.

“I have had over 25 good size scratches that bled at the time and have since healed or left a scar. On her arrest she cut my toe open while stomping on my foot. I currently have a bite mark on my back that is healing from the arrest incident.”



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