January 22, 2021

Sean Penn To Adopt Son Of Charlize Theron Says Report!

Reports currently circulating indicate that actor Sean Penn is about to legally adopt the adopted son, Jackson of his girlfriend. Charlize Theron, 39, originally from South Africa, adopted Jackson, 3, in Arkansas in January in 2012. Penn, 54 and Theron have been a couple for a little over a year. Sources close to the academy award winning actors have said that Penn is going to adopt Jackson in order to move the family closer together. The duo may adopt another child in the not too distant future as well. Penn is said to be very close to Jackson, picking him up from his nursery school, and being a very active hands on parent. Jackson supposedly calls Penn “daddy”.StephenCollins&FayeGrant

Penn was previously married to pop star Madonna in the 1980’s and to actress Robin Wright from 1996 to 2010. Penn and Wright have two children a daughter Dylan,24 and a son Hooper, 22. Penn won two Academy Awards, a best supporting actor award for his role in ‘Mystic River’, and one for Best Actor for his role as politician Harvey Milk in ‘Milk’. Friends of the pair are saying that Theron has moved forward with Penn because he has been such a strong father figure to her son Jackson. Theron has told friends that she was ok with being a single mother to Jackson, she accepted herself in that role. However she was presently surprised when she found Penn, and a romance developed.


Theron grew up in Benoni, South Africa as an only child. In 1991 her father an alcoholic had a violent outburst against Theron’s mother when the mother defended herself by shooting her husband to death. The courts in South Africa ruled the shooting was a case of self defense and Theron’s mother Gerda was not charged with any crime. Theron and her mother immigrated to the United States when she was a teenager so should could pursue a career as a model.

She would eventually move to Los Angeles to purse a career as an actress. She has several small and medium sized roles in films from 2000 to 2003. Her big break came when she was cast as serial killer Alieen Wuornos. She won an academy award for best actress for her performance in February of 2004. Theron now reportedly earns over 10 million dollars per film. Theron because a citizen of the United States in 2007, she currently holds duel citizenship. Theron was romantically involved with Irish actor Stuart Townsend for over 9 years.

Although there have rumors swirling around Townsend and Theron for several years, neither one has publicly addressed the rumors. Now it appears as though Theron and Penn are moving forward with their relationship, which includes Jackson as a central priority. Theron and Penn are both very politically active for different issues and causes. She tries to support African youth and speak out about HIV and AIDS. She is an AIDS educator and philanthropist in AIDS related cause. Penn has been very active. Penn has been active in relief efforts with the country of Haiti. Penn regularly travels there to help with rebuilding efforts.


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