October 30, 2020

Sebastian Knapp Is Mischa Barton’s Boyfriend

Check out Mischa Barton’s new man, his name is Sebastian Knapp he is a London actor, with whom she was spotted at a dinner party in Ibiza.

Mischa Barton boyfriend Sebastian Knapp

26-yea-old Mischa Baron had quite an odd depression breakdown in 2009, fail relationships and a DUI arrest, but after the storm passed, the sun always comes out, and for Mischa the sun is shinning especially bright.

As an actress she will be in three movies this year The Sibling, Apartment 1303 3D and into The Dark and in her personal life, she looks very happy by Sebastian’s side.

Both hotties couldn’t take their eyes of each other at the Guess VIP dinner party in Ibiza, thank God she didn’t gave up on love, like she said she would.

“I’ve given up men. Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be anyone out there for me,’ she told the Mail. ‘My last three boyfriends haven’t worked out, so I’m giving guys a rest for a while.

‘I’m putting all my love, care and attention into my three dogs. Don’t ask why, but they are a good replacement for men in terms of affection.”

Want to know more about Mischa’a new boyfriend Sebastian? check below

Sebastian Knapp Biography.

28-year-old Sebastian Knapp from London has been acting since he was a little child, as a matter of fact he was just two when he starred in School for Vandals in 1986 as Ben, the following year he portrayed Lewis in the television series Aliens in the Family.

He appeared on two episodes of Screen One in 1991, and gave life to Ernest Bonnet in the t.v series Maigret. He was Yoram in the t.v movie Samson and Delilah and Matthew in the movie Jesus in 1999.

In 2000 he  portrayed Jed in the film Running Time, his next project was in Sorted and fugee Girl in 2001. The in 2002 he was a guest in one episode of the t.v series Is Harry on the Road? and was seen in the movie Below and 28 days Later.

In 2004 he starred as detective Harris in One Point O, and appeared in one episode os Murder in Suburbia and Gory Greek Gods. In 2005 he appeared in dead Fish as Megakey Guy and as Jummy Dolan in the mini series The Wild West.

In 2006 he worked in the t.v series Ultimate Force  and Silent Witness, two years later he appeared in The Bill and Beyond the Rave. In 2009 he was in Sand Serpents as Oscar Kamisky and as Jules Arning in High Plains Invaders.

Last year we saw Knapp in  the television documentary I Shouldn’t be Alive and Forest of the dammed 2.

But tell me what do you think of Mischa Barton’s new boyfriend Sebastian Knapp? hot or not?

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