February 28, 2021

Sergei Mifle: Blake Lively Stalker (photo)

Gossip Girl actress and Ryan Reynolds girlfriend Blake Lively unfortunately has added her name to the list of the many celebrities who have been threaten by a crazy stalker, Blake’s stalker is a guy named Sergei Mifle and this is what we found about him!

Blake lively stalker Sergei Mifle pi

24 year-old Blake Lively who used to date Leonardo DiCaprio and now is dating her Green Lantern co-star Ryan Reynolds, plus she has like a millions of male fans drooling over her, one of these fans has gone a little wacko and obsessive to the point that Blake is actually fearful.

This crazy fan, now stalker is Sergei Mifle a Russian man now living in New Jersey  has been showing up at the set of Gossip Girl in several occasions, the first time was on February first when he was spotted lurking around all day in the set watching her.

He didn’t stop there,because on February 6th. Mifle contacted Lively’s mother Elaine and told her he was concerned about her daughter who he thought needed help, he added that he was there to help her heal, the ever crazier thing here is that Sergei Mifle claimed he knows these sort of things because he has a metaphysical connection with her. Elaine asked Sergei to write an email about  his concerns over her daughter.Mrs. Lively received two emails and three voicemails, the third voicemail, received on February 8th, got Elaine afraid for her daughter’s safety.

This is a small part of that voicemail…

“You can contact me (unintelligible) so we can talk and ah um you know before it is too late, so I’m uh I would really appreciate if it uh Blake could contact me and um I just wanted to say if she’s um afraid uh if she’s afraid she I promise, I promise, I will um act, act very, very peacefully, and uh she’ll just have a, she’ll just have a wonderful time,”

Since then Blake has been granted with a restraining order against Sergei that banned him from contacting and getting close to her and her mother.

We found a LinkedIn profile of an Sergei Mifle who might  or might not be the same crazy stalker that has been following Blake. This Sergei Mifle who in his biography said he graduated from High School, is an independent Entertainment professional, member of the actors and casting directors, casting call pro and filmmakers association, I think there is a slight resemblance between the two, but  I dunno if he is the same guy, so please if you know more or can confirm you may do so in the comments box below.

Sergei Mifle Blake Lively stalker picSergei Mifle Blake Lively stalker pics

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  1. Those two pictures of Mifle are the same. He currently resides in Little Ferry, NJ and graduated from Ridgefield Park Junior-Senior High School. He came to the school during 10th or 11th grade from Russia. I was one of his teachers; he was a compulsive liar.

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