November 29, 2020

Sheldon Stephens Is Kevin Clash’s Accuser

Just a few days ago we heard the story about Elmo’s puppeteer Kevin Clash slammed with a sexual assault charge, his accuser said that he had a sexual relationship with Clash when he was underage, Clash accepted the relationship but said it happened between two adults and it was consensual,  days later his accuser confirmed Clash’ side of the story and today we heard that the unidentified accuser is Sheldon Stephens.

Kevin Clash accuser Sheldon Stephens info

Because we already know all about Kevin Clash, once a straight man married to Genia Clash mother of his daughter Shannon Elise, now comes this guy Sheldon Stephens, who a few days ago accused Clash of sexual abuse, starting when he was 16.

Yesterday Sheldon changed his statement and said that  his relationship with the famous Elmo puppeteer was consensual, so what about this guy?

Sheldon Stephens Kevin Clash accuser picSheldon Stephens Kevin Clash accuser_pic

24-year-old Sheldon Anthony Stephens was born on July 12, 1988 in Harrisburg, PA to Anthony Stephens and 48-year-old Felicia Stephens (yes, the same woman who stabbed her husband 42-year-old Terry Pierce with a pair of scissors)

felicia stephens mugshotSheldon stephens mother felicia stephens

Sheldon who describes himself an as actor/ model and a retire advisor for the PA State Government who hold a major in Management & e-Business from the Harrisburg University of science and technology, did his internship at PSERS or Pennsylvania School Employees’ Retirement System, he was an office assistant at the American Automobile Association Central Penn.

Sheldon Stephens Kevin Clash accuser-photoSheldon Stephens Kevin Clash accuser-photosSheldon Stephens Kevin Clash accuser-picSheldon Stephens Kevin Clash accuser-picsSheldon Stephens Kevin Clash accuser-pictureSheldon Stephens Kevin Clash accuser_picture

Sheldon aka Sheldon XZavier said he can’t live without his IPhone, he is inspired by Dionn Renee, his favorite dish is lobster ravioli and strawberries with ice cream and whip cream is his favorite desert. between 2007 and 2009 Sheldon was a production intern at Blowback Productions, Public relation intern at the KIPR Group, last year he worked at the Hilton Harrisburg.

Sheldon Stephens Kevin Clash accuser picsSheldon Stephens Kevin Clash accuser-pictures

In his teen years he was a sales associate at Lucky Brand Kids, model and marketing director at The Dionn Renee Studios, assistant Manager at Von Dutch and personal assistant with Jean Mone Psychotherapy.

Sheldon Stephens Kevin Clash accuser photoSheldon Stephens Kevin Clash accuser photosSheldon Stephens Kevin Clash accuser picSheldon Stephens Kevin Clash accuser_photoSheldon Stephens Kevin Clash accuser_photosSheldon Stephens Kevin Clash accuser_pics

You can find Sheldon Stephens on MySpace, Twitter, and soundcloud


Sheldon Stephens is no stranger to the law,  three years ago he stole Darlan Pollard at knife point, taking a white golden ring, and a white gold necklace with diamonds worth over $250.000.

Sheldon Stephens darlan Pollard picSheldon Stephens darlan PollardSheldon Stephens Kevin Clash accuser-mugshot pic

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