March 5, 2021

Shelley Balthazor Budke is Oklahoma State coach Kurt Budke Wife

A terrible tragedy has left Oklahoma State shaken their dear coach Kurt Budke was killed in a plane crash along with his recruiting coordinator Miranda Serna, Coach Budke is survive by his amazing wife Shelley Budke and their gorgeous children.

Shelley Balthazor Budke Kurt Budke Wife image

Shelley Budke has a terrific husband by her side, her children couldn’t ask for a more loving and caring father than Kurt, and the Oklahoma State Cowgirls had their most loyal fan by their side, sadly Kurt Budke died in a plane crash, he is gone but his memory will live forever in the hearts of those who knew him.

Coach Budke was the 50 year-old coach for the Oklahoma State University Cowgirls women’s basketball team, his resume is not just impressive but inspiring; did you know he was the youngest coach to be  inducted into the NJCAA Hall of Fame in 2003 he was 42? He  was awarded NJCCAA coach of the year twice (1995-98), he became Oklahoma State coach in 2005, before that he did a terrific job at Trinity Valley Community College, Louisiana Tech and Allen County Community College.

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Coach Budke and Miranda were on a recruiting trip to Arkansas onboard the  Piper PA-28 Cherokee aircraft on November 17, 2011 when around 5 p.m. CST, their plane crashed in a field in Perry County, Arkansas,  not far from Perryville in the Winona Wildlife Management Area.

His wife is Shelley Budke, before they got married she was known as Shelley Balthazor from Wichita, Kansas. Shelley went to Campus High Haysville and then to Coffeyville Community College, where she played amazing basketball with the Coffeyville Ravens. Mrs. Balthazor Badke was in the All Conference team (1984-1985) with Renee Dozier, Noel Wyall, Sherry Carmon.

Shelley Budke  and her husband met when he was a coach at Friends College in Wichita, he recalled what he felt on the day he met Shelley..

“ The night I fell in love with her, I watched her go 19 of 21 from the field. I knew I had to marry that girl”.”

Shelley and her loving hubby had three amazing children, their eldest Sara is a student at OSU, Matt attends Kansas State University and Brett is the youngest.

Brett Budke Shelley and Kurt Budke sonSara Budke Shelley and Kurt Budke daughterMatt Budke Shelley and Kurt Budke son

Shelley and her family congregate at St. Francis Xavier in Stillwater where she teaches religious classes and Kurt was an altar server.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Shelley Budke, her children, other family members, friends, OST team and  fans throughout this terrible time.

Shelley Balthazor Budke Kurt Budke Wife imageShelley Balthazor Budke Kurt Budke Wife pictureShelley Balthazor Budke Kurt Budke Wife photoShelley Balthazor Budke Kurt Budke Wife picShelley Balthazor Budke Kurt Budke Wife pictures

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