February 26, 2021

Shocking Video: Madonna Badger- Stamford, Connecticut Fire Survivor

What a terrible news to hear about the fire at a Stamford, Connecticut home where NY ad executive loss her three young daughters she had with her husband Matthew Badger, sadly her parents also passed away. Madonna Badger and man escaped they are in fair condition at Stamford Hospital.

47 year-old Madonna Badger and a contractor who was doing work on the home  were the only survivors at a fire at the Stamford, Connecticut  three-story Victorian home where their daughters 10 year-old Lily and 7 year-old twins Grace and Sarah who like her parents Lomer, 71, and Pauline Johnson, 69 died on Sunday December 25th, 2011, the fire it is believed to have started around 4:30 a.m  however what caused the fire will take days to discover. According to the Stamford Assessment Office Madonna Banger bought the 3,349-square foot, five-bedroom home for  $1.7 million last December. According to media Madonna is allegedly in the middle of a divorce from her husband Matthew, he lives in New York and was driven by police to Stamford on Sunday Morning.

Madonna Badger graduated from Vanderbilt University in 1986, Ms. Badger started her career in fashion at the at department at Madame Figaro and Esquire, became an art director at Allure and then on 1990 she was named Senior Art Director with Calvin Klein  where she played an important role for the CK campaigns with Kate Moss and Mark Wahlberg as well as the launching of CK One, after her departure in 1990 she founded her own company  Badger and Winters in 1994 where she serves as Chief Creative Officer.

Badger and Winters are the creators of SS for Shiseido, they also for with Vera Wang, Style.com, Armani, Emanuel Ungaro, Cover Girl, Rochas, Proctor and Gamble, Max Factor and Clairol. Beautylab and Designlab was created by Badger and Winters in 2008.

We are deeply sadden  by the loss of Madonna Badger’s family, our thoughts and prayers go out to her , Matthew and the rest of their family and friends throughout this terrible time.

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Madonna Badger Fire House Video

11 thoughts on “Shocking Video: Madonna Badger- Stamford, Connecticut Fire Survivor

  1. My heart is hurting for Madonna Badger can’t imagine the pain of such a loss. condolences to her.

  2. No mention at all of the husband or father??? This whole story smells of smoke! Tragic but pieces don’t fit! Mother makes not even an attempt to save the children?

  3. My heart goes out to the families here. No one can truly imagine what they are going through. My heart is bleeding for Madonna, Matthew and Michael, and the many friends,,relatives, neighbors that are truly affected for the remainder of their lives, including every fireman.

    This is such a tragedy, kindly be respectful of the hearts that are broken, only time will help heal them.

    I only wish I could hug them all, and tell them how sorry I am, and I know how bad they are hurting. My own life is scarred with the loss of two of my sons (one is 88, and one in 2000), they are still with me everyday. .. Everything that touches their lives were in those flames.

    May you all have peace, and time will help heal. We must all live everyday to the fullest, life is truly too
    short. It’s the small things in life that mean so much. Treasure your loved ones, and tell them everyday
    you love them.

  4. That’s not true…she climbed out on the the roof of the 2nd floor and had to be rescued and held back by the firemen.

  5. Dear Madonna Badget, My heart goes out to you. No one can know how you feel but I want you to know how bad I feel. Also I had an experince with fireplace ash also. Just as you did I put them in a brown paper bag. I placed then near the back door on a cermic floor. I fell asleep watching TV. No one was home only me & the family dog. He saved my life by waking me up. The family room & kitchen were full
    of black smoke & my smoke alarms did not go off. There was one only 5 feet from the bag. When I found
    that the bag was causing the smoke it had burned the cermic floor. I wanted you to know that those ashes can cause ont only smoke but fire. Again I am so sorry for your lose…Sincerly Connie Natale

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