October 31, 2020

Simon Cowell London House, Viewers Say, Don’t Give me An Invite (Photo, Video)

Simon Cowell’s London house video has been released! What’s house of Simon Cowell, the 53 years old, with a net worth of £225 million looks like? The front door key of Simon’s house was handed to Will Best, the presenter. This is one of his promotional ads for the new star search The You Generation.

Simon seems carefully prepared for this video tour that he put white rose and candles on every surface of his house. The living room is astonishingly large, with fancy sofas and huge cushions. But he didn’t let the presenter into his bedroom.

SIMON-COWELL-HOUSE-photo(from youtube)

In the living room, besides white roses and candles, Simon also prepared the chocolates, with heart shape next to the roses.The dining room is also big enough, which contains 10 seats that he can eat and have meeting with his guests at the same time! Plus, a Steinway piano.

Maybe Simon likes eating chocolates when watching his own TV shows to ease the pain? Or Simon wants to tell the public: I have money, I have a big house, I have white roses, candles and heart shaped chocolates! Just wait for the ladies to come, and I can play piano for you!

Compared with Simon Cowell’s Beverly Hills pile, which is as huge as 11,550 sq feet, with an indoor ppor, a basement gym and a spa, this London house is a small one!

After watching the video, the viewers say, don’t give me an invite, I would rather live in a small hotel which will be more comfortable!


Semon Cowell’s moter home


This video is interesting as Simon is trying his best to sell this home to the potential buyers..