February 27, 2021

Sophie Hunter Financee Of Benedict Cumberbatch Has Impressive Resume!

Meet Sophie Hunter here! It was just announced that British heartthrob Benedict Cumberbatch is off the market. He is now engaged to a fellow Brit, her name is Sophie Hunter, 36. While she is not as high on the radar as her handsome intended, she does have an impressive background all the same. She has quite the interesting pedigree, her grandfather was the late Sir James Michael Gow, GCB. He was a Knight Grand Cross, Order of the Bath. He was in charged of the horses belonging to those living in the royal household. Quite an impressive position, that is only given to the most vetted of those in the British work force. Her grandfather worked very closely with Prince Henry Duke of Gloucester, in the 1950’s.Sophie Hunter Financee Of Benedict Cumberbatch Has Impressive Resume bio wiki photos

Hunter once was part of one of the hippest couples in England. She studied languages at Oxford University. She was studying French and Italian, she is fluent in French. While there, she met renowned sculptor Conrad Shawcross. He was the center of much adulation in the art world, and looked at, as one of the most promising young artists of 2000. Shawcross and Hunter dated and shortly afterward moved in to a converted wharehouse outside of London. Their home doubled as Shawcross’ art studio. However it was Hunter who broke things off. She said at the time, she wasn’t ready for marriage and children, she wanted to accomplish too many things first.Sophie Hunter Financee Of Benedict Cumberbatch Has Impressive Resume! 2

She has some very impressive professional accomplishments in her own right. She is a well respected theater director. She has been involved in many experimental innovative plays in London and other cities in the UK. She has a theater credit that is appearing on IMDB, She directed a North American tour in 2013 of The Skeleton Project. It’s a very courageous theater endeavor, it’s the story of the problematic voyage of explorer Ernest Shackelton. During each performance actors would portray marionettes by standing on stilts. In 2010 Hunter directed a remake of Henrik Ibsen’s ‘Ghosts’ at the Access Theater on Broadway. She was singled out for her excellent work in 2007, for her role as a writer and director of the play ‘The Terrific Electric’, she was awarded the Samuel Beckett Award. Sophie Hunter is also an accomplished singer. She made an album in French with Guy Chambers, called the Isis Project, it received high ratings and a decent amount of sales. Hunter also has an acting credit under her belt. She appeared opposite actress Reese Witherspoon, in the film Vanity Fair in 2004. She played the part of Maria Osborne.

The film received good reviews. She met her fiancee Benedict Cumberbatch when she was working on the film Burlesque Fairytales in 2009. Although they met in 2009 they didnt start dating until early 2014. Cumberbatch has had some other romances before becoming engaged to Hunter. He had a 12 year relationship with actress Olivia Poulet. He dated artist Anna James for a year from 2011 to 2012. He’s a devoted Buddhist and does Yoga and mediates daily. He first generated a lot of attention in 2010 in the film ‘Sherlock’.


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