December 4, 2020

Starlin Wright is Sage Stallone’s Wife (PHOTO)

Sage Stallone passed away yesterday at his home in Hollywood, so far the autopsy is pending but it is believe he died of prescription overdose. One person’s in the life of Sage has become Google’s top search right this moment, so we send a couple of friends over to investigate what the hell happened to Sage Stallone’s ex-wife Starlin Wright and this is what they told us, plus they came back with one possible photo of Mrs. Wright.

36-year-old Sage Moonblood Stallone was 31 when on May 1st he tied the knot to a beautiful,  sort of a shy girl known as Starlin Wright, some said they had a volatile relation, others said they got married too fast, had an amicable break-up and remained friends after their annulment 10 months later. Eventually they lost touch, we know what Sage did, and the great friend, son and brother he was.

But what happened to Sage’s ex-wife? If you search for her on the internet  you would bump into several baseball  related topics (probably because of Starlin Castro the Dominican shotstop playing with the Chicago Cubs), or pages with nothing about her and no pic? how it that so? So this is just a rumor, because my sources didn’t reach Starlin but people who lived close to her at one moment, so they told me there might be the chance she no longer goes by the name of Starlin Wright, however  no one told the name she goes by now.

Some people think she is married now and uses her husband’s name, but I am sure wherever Starlin Wright is right now, she is feeling sad about Sage’s tragic death.

Below is a probably pic of Starlin Wright, once again these things were just what people told us, we can’t confirm anything and this is a pic given to us.


photo: facebook, myspace

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