March 6, 2021

Mona Simpson is Steve Jobs’s Biological Sister (wiki, bio, job, photos, age)

Who is Mona Simpson? Mona Simpson is Steve jobs’ biological sister! But the more you know about the lives of the brother sister duo of Steve Jobs and Mona Simpson, the more intrigued and fascinated do you feel. Is it an experiment by nature to keep the biological brother sister duo apart and be raised by different families and under different circumstances? Is it a quirk of fate that the brother finds his biological sister after making serious efforts to know about her whereabouts only when he is grown up and 27? Whatever angle you may see this story from, you would find that the story of Steve and Mona is nothing short of a Hollywood thriller.


Sired by a Syrian father (Abdul Fattah Jandali) and an American mother Carol (Joanne) Schible, Steve was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs in 1955 as his biological parents could not overcome their racial and parental differences to accept their child who was born out of wedlock. However, this fascinating story just begins with the adoption of Steve as he is raised in a middle class California family. He gets the love and care of Paul and Clara Jobs who later also adopt a girl and give little Steve a sister in Patty Jobs.

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As luck would have it, Abdul Dandali cannot live away alone without carol and comes back to her 2 years later to marry her. She gives birth to Mona who is the real (or shall we say biological) sister of Steve Jobs. Steve did not know by then he was an adult that his biological parent gave birth to another child apart from him. It was only when he made serious efforts to know about the whereabouts of his parents that Steve found out about Mona also. It was now that he found that his real sister was an author and a novelist and a genius just like him. The Regular Guy, a novel written by Mona, has its central character rising in the corporate world just like Steve Jobs and the story bears striking resemblance to the life and achievements of Steve Jobs.


Paul, the adoptive father of Steve, was a coast guard veteran and worked as a machinist for a company making laser product. He was the inspiration behind Steve’s interest in physics, especially electronics. Clara was an accountant by profession and she died in 1986 with Paul passing away in 1993.

Talking about Jandali, he is today an 80 year old man, a successful businessman at that, being the owner of Boomtown Casino and Hotel in Reno in Nevada. Interestingly, Jandali has been married three times in his life and found out about his son Steve only in 2005. Even carol aka Joanne is alive today. She is a frail and old lady who married George Simpson after divorcing Jandali. This explains the name of Mona Simpson. As you would expect, Mona has become an expert on relationships and most of her novels are about estranged relationships and disturbed families.