January 18, 2021

Steven Tyler No Teeth and Black Eye Pictures After Shower Tumble.

Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler said the reason he had that bathroom slip was due to food poison not any relapse, either way that incident left him with a broken teeth, black eye that needed four stiches and bruises on his face.

Steven tyler  broken teeth

When people heard about Steven Tyler’s shower tumble at a  hotel in Paraguay this week, they got concern he was back drinking and/ or doing drugs, he was forced to cancel the concert he was suppose to give for his South American fans, but he was on his feet in Argentina a few days later, although we knew he broke some teeth done by Paraguayan dentist Dr. Maria Bastos, his mouth look spotless and full of teeth, but we did saw him with a black aye and some bruises below his lower lip.

Steven Tyler talked to Matt Lauer about the incident and this is what he explained..

“I went in looking like Baryshnikov,” Tyler said, “and walked out looking like [boxer] Leon Spinks!”

Asked by Lauer what exactly happened, Tyler said, “Just quite frankly I passed out… I fell on my face, I woke up with the water running on me, not knowing where the hell I was.”

About people thinking he had a relapse he said..

“I get that people think that,” he said of the speculation. “It still bothers me a little, but it’s something that I have to deal with for the rest of my life.

“Being in the program, it’s something we have to expect. People thinking that is natural and normal. We flew last night from Paraguay after that incident and we’re in Argentina for two hours. And anyone who knows anyone who uses substances wouldn’t be up at this hour having a talk with Matt Lauer and the rest of America. It’s nothing I don’t understand. It makes me a little upset. But people think that.”

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Steven Tyler after Shower Fall Pictures

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