January 15, 2021

Suki Waterhouse, Bradley Cooper’s Girlfriend, is Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeon Norman Waterhouse’s Daughter (photos, wiki, bio)

Suki Waterhouse, Bradley Cooper’s new girlfriend, is the daughter of the plastic surgeon Norman Waterhouse! Suki Waterhouse is deemed to become a beautiful girl because her father is Norman Waterhouse, a highly rated  Plastic Surgeon IN London.

norman-waterhouse 2

According to Norman Waterhouse’s introduction in his own site, he is an internationally renowned aesthetic surgeon (Norman wrote that himself?), then cooperated Richard Young, a renowned plastic surgeon, and created a clinical office for plastic surgeries. 

We provide experienced, professional and independent advice, including full discussion as to suitability, outcomes and recovery times.

Suki Waterhouse, is the daughter of this Plastic Surgeon Norman Waterhouse. This 20-year-old model, currently modeling for the London based Marks & Spencer underwear line. The following pic is her photos for her company in 2012. Maybe you think she is a fresh in modelling for her strange looks, but the truth is she has in this field for several years. In fact, she quit school at age 16 to go after modeling. She also acted for a British film called Pusher, just some small charactors.

Suki Waterhouse lack of oxygen?

suki waterhouse model

(photo from models.co.uk)

Suki Waterhouse and 38-year-old Bradley Cooper’s relationship were first spotted in London in February 2013, and Suki Waterhouse’s best friend Cara Delevinghe confirmed Bradley splitted with Lawrence.

bradley-suki house

from splash news

Cara Delevinghe is an “it” model. The following pic is Suki Waterhouse with Cara Delevinghe.  suki waterhouse and cara delevingne

photo: thesun.co.uk