February 27, 2021

Susanne Persson is Singer Sean Paul’s Ex- Girlfriend

Meet Susanne Persson she is the woman described as Sean Paul’s ex-girlfriend suing his music butt with a $80 million lawsuit. Keep reading this story to know more about the legal issue between the reggae singer and his busty Swedish lady.

Sean Paul Susanne Persson

Susanne Persson from Sweden was dating singe Sean Paul until he forced out of Jamaica in order to end their relationship, or at least that is what Persson claimed in the $80 million lawsuit in damages, Manhattan Supreme Court where she said he subjected her to starvation, homelessness, repeated suicide attempts, loss of ability to generate income..

“I had tried to kill myself, losing more than one liter of blood from a cut on my wrist,” she wrote in the court filing.

“I had shown the pictures of the cuts to Sean over the Internet. I feel he should see what he had caused.”

Susanne Persson also said Paul is dealing drugs, lies to police authorities and if that is not enough she said he also suffers from erection problems due to his use of cocaine, he is also allegedly involved in lies, murder and drug trafficking, and she is graphically describing it all in a self-written 120 page story book “Irie Jamboree”

Sean Pail Susanne Persson Irie Jamboree

On its covers features both Sean Paul and Susanne Persson plus a small description “The Truth About Sean Paul’s Cocaine Dealings, Lies, Murders and Erection Problems.”

“Ever since [Paul] started using cocaine regularly, he has had severe erection problems. If it lasts one minute, it is a good day.”

Susanne Persson also accused the singer of taking hundred of nude photos of her with the pretex of marrying her in the future, she describes herself as a sexy Barbie with long blonde hair and E-cup bra size.

Jamaican born 39-year-old Sean Paul and his longtime girlfriend Jodi “Jinx” Stewart got married on June, 2012 at Bone Hall Oasis in Jamaica; they had been dating since 2002.

Sean paul girlfriend Jodi StewartSean Paul wife Jodi Jinx StewartSean Paul wife Jodi Jinx Stewart picsean paul Jodi Jinx Stewart wedding

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