January 22, 2021

Suzanne Johnson Wife Of Jets Owner Woody Johnson Has Impressive Resume!

Suzanne Johnson the wife of New York Jets owner Woody Johnson, has her own impressive resume. As news of Tom Brady’s suspension from the NFL broke this week, many in the football world and beyond spoke out. Johnson formerly Suzanne Ircha spoke out on her social media account. She basically announced the Patriot’s Quarterback’s suspension for four games and the teams  million dollar fine. Woody Johnson is an heir to the multi million dollar Johnson and Johnson medical supply company. His second wife Suzanne, was a one time actress of mostly B movies and nothing really of note.

However it’s her accomplishments before she hit the Silver Screen that are impressive. She was born to parents that immigrated to the States from the Ukraine. She was raised in New York City, and attended and graduated from Cornell University. After graduation, she planted herself firmly on Wall Street as a commodities trader, earning a cool million dollars before the age of 26. She was having a stand out career at Sandler O’Neil in 2001, her future was looking rosey. Then life changed for everyone on September 11, 2001 when the World Trade Center was attacked. Johnson had just left the towers after hosting a business meeting. She was in a taxi cab when the first tower was actually hit.

Over 75 of her immediate colleagues and associates died that day. Among the casualties  including the man that lit her way in the financial world, Herman Sandler. Johnson helped the company restructure and bounce back with a new office near the World Trade Center sight. She had a new desk, and worked diligently at getting the company on a straight path to success again. Johnson has said that after the attacks, her zest for success on Wall Street was never the same. She found herself working in Hollywood as an actress, a job she found less than fulfilling. In 2004 Suzanne met Woody Johnson at a conference for Michael Milken in Beverly Hills. They started dating and had their first child a son two years after meeting in 2006. They had a second son Jack in 2008. A year later in 2009 they were married in Manhattan in spite of their almost 20 year age difference.

Johnson was previously married to Nancy Sale Johnson, a success model. The pair married in 1977 and divorced in 2001. They couple had three children. Their oldest child Casey Johnson, died tragically at the age of 30 in 2010 in West Hollywood, CA. Casey was a drug addict with several brushes with the law. The official cause of death was diabetic ketoacidosis. Casey and her father Woody both suffered from childhood diabetes the deadliest kind, and both worked  to spread information along about the disease. Many friends of Casey’s including Paris and Nicky Hilton relayed at the time of Casey’s death that she was so ravaged by drugs, she forgot to take her needed insulin and that is what killed her. At the time of her death, Casey had a 4 year old adopted daughter, Ava. Her mother Nancy Sale now has custody of that daughter, Nicky Hilton is her godmother.

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