December 3, 2020

Sydney Seau Is Junior Seau’s Daughter

We are sadden by the terrible of Junior Seau’s death, he is survived by his mother, ex wife Gina DeBoer Seau, his sons Jake, Hunter and his gorgeous daughter Sydney Seau, this is her story.

Sydney Seau Junior Seau daughter pic

18 year-old Sydney Seau a start athlete at her school’s volleyball team the Bishop’s Knighta at Bishop High school; she has been  blessed with her parents genes, beauty and athletics. They are Junior Seau and Gina DeBoer Seau, they got married in 1991, Sydney Seau was born on August 7th 1993, two years later on October 18th, 1995 her brother Jake Ryan was born and on September 11th. 2000 her baby brother Hunter Tiaina was born, sadly her parents divorce two years later.

Probably you have seen Sydney with her father, she and her little bro joined their famous father at the San Diego Chargers game last year, and he was at Syd’s volleyball game last month, Sydney will graduated from high school this year, she will attend  the University of Southern California in the Fall of 2012.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Sydney Seau, her brothers, mother, other members of her family, friends and fans during this terrible time, we are thinking of you Sydney..

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