January 24, 2021

Taylor McWilliams- Chelsy Davy’s Boyfriend

Prince Harry’s ex girlfriend has moved on but so far away since she is dating Harry’s friend and party buddy Taylor McWilliams also known as McWilly. Check the rest of this story.


Prince Harry was dating model Florence Brunedell Bruce until he decided he need to focus of his helicopter training, he was seen partying in Croatia and allegedly left the night club in the company of two Croatian models, but that won’t make ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy cry him a river she is already sporting her new man who isn’t exactly new in her life actually Taylor McWilliams or McWilly has been around her circle for quite some time.

Taylor is a very good friend of Harry, I bet the three of them must have party hard more than once but again that is presumption but what is a sure fact is that last month Chelsy and McWilly were spotted taking a cab together when they left Boujis the popular nightclub in West London. Witnesses said they spend the entire night together

At that time she said they were just friends since they moved in the same circles, but we also hear back on July they also had some romantic thingy in Ibiza and here we are two months after that watching them together at the Global Party at London’s Natural History Museum, I guess their friendship evolved into LOVE!!!!!

Here is what we know about Ms. Davy’s new man Taylor McWilliams..

29 year-old Taylor S. McWilliams got her degree in Finance from the university of Notre Dame. His previous work experiences includes Macquarie Capital Partners, UBS Investment Bank followed by his time as a senior Acquisitions Analyst and Asset Manager at Atlas Capital group where todays he is Atlas’ Director of U.K. Asset Management & Acquisitions.


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