March 4, 2021

Tim Tebow’s Girlfriend Olivia Culpo, 8 Things You Should Know!

Mee Olivia Culpo again! According to the insider, Tim Tebow is dating Olivia Culpo now. They were spotted together on several occasions. They try to keep a low profile and Tim Tebow is not rushing to settle down yet.

Several years ago Tebow opened up to Vogue magazine of her dream girl: being attractive, sweet and kind. A girl likes him for just himself, but what he do or for his name. Is Olivia Culpo such kind of girl? Here are several things about her!

Tim Tebow’s Girlfriend Olivia Culpo, 8 Things You Should Know!

  • Culpo was born in Rhode Island. Her parents are Peter and Susan Culpo. Culpo has two older siblings, Pete and Aurora, and two younger, Gus and Sophie.
  • In 2010 she was signed by a modeling agency in Boston.
  • She won the very first pageant she entered, the 2012 Miss Rhode Island USA competition and she was crowned Miss University in the same year.
  • She is an accomplished cellist
  • She loves making pizza
  • She started dating singer Nick Jonas In August 2013. They met each other at the 2013 Miss USA competition. In June 2015, Jonas announced they had broken up.
  • She made headlines after nearly fainting at the Emmy awards.
  • She gets intense amount of modeling work.

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