January 22, 2021

Tina Redse, Steve Jobs Longtime Girlfriend finally Found out (wiki, photos, bio)

Meet Tina Redse (Christina Redse) here. All of us know about the visionary and the great CEO of Apple that Steve Jobs was. But very few people know much about the love life of Steve Jobs apart from his wife Laurence. In fact, before proposing to Laurence, Jobs was madly in love with a tall blonde called Christina Redse or simply Tina Redse. tina redse ex-girlfriend of steve jobstina redse steve jobs girlfriend

(Tina Redse photo: the left women, photo from showbizdaily)

Insiders who were close to Jobs say that he was torn apart by these two women and was not clear about who he should go with. He even asked his close friends about who of the two would make a better wife for him.


Steve jobs, his wife Laurence and 3 kids

Ever since the name of Tina Redse has been doing the rounds, search engines have been abuzz with surfers looking for Tina Redse photos and related information about this mysterious girl. Redse was at that time living in an apartment with her friend and did not take advances by Jobs seriously.  However, after the split with boyfriend she accepted Jobs’ proposal and moved in to live with him at his residence in Woodside. When Jobs was fired from Apple, the couple went to Paris for a break. Tina wanted to spend some more time in Paris with Jobs but Jobs wanted to return to concentrate on his business. Tina, who had a troubled childhood with estranged parents, mistook Jobs’ preoccupation with his business as a lack of commitment towards her.

tina redse 2


(Tina Redse’s photo, photo from showbizdaily)

Finally Tina took a decision that she could not marry Jobs as marrying Jobs would have meant reliving a life that she wanted to escape so badly. After splitting with Jobs in 1989, Tina Redse married a guy called Stefanek and opened a mental health centre. Interestingly, Tina offered her help and support for Jobs in 2002 when she learnt about his failing health.