March 8, 2021

Toni Ann D’Alto/ Toni Ann Filiti Is Sylvester Stallone’s Sister (PHOTOS)

Sylvester Stallone sister Toni Ann D’Alto also known as Toni Ann Filiti loss her battle with lung cancer on August 26th, she was  living with her mother, not long we heard she was been sued by a long time family friend Kenneth Chiaramonte because he was wrongfully fired from his job, but he also claims there was drug and sexual abuse in the family.

Sylvester Stallone sister Toni Ann Filiti

65 year-old Sylvester Stallone son of Frank Stallone and Jacqui Labofish Stallone has one from his parents marriage Frank Stallone, after his parents divorced his father Frankie or Francesco got married twice to Rose Marie Stallone and Sandra Stallone all ended in divorce his fourth wife is Kathleen Rhodes Stallone. Jackie also remarried Tony Filiti, they had one daughter. Frankie has prostate cancer he passed away last July.

Toni Ann was born on  in May 5th, 1960 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Toni change her name to Toni Ann Schaub in 1982 when she got married to her husband Markus Schaub, she and Schaub divorced in 1989. She then got married to Louis D’Alto in 1991 so she became Toni Ann D’Alto, from her second marriage Toni gave birth to her only son Edmund. They got divorced in 2001.

Toni Ann Filiti who also is known as Tonian starred as Mrs. Belino in the 1996 film The Appointment along Don Cummings, her husband Louis D’Alto who portrayed her husband in the movie Johnny Belino and her dear mother Jackie.

We heard about Toni’s being in the advance stages of lung cancer on March, 2012, her mother who was taking care of her at her home said Sylvester was taking her of Toni Ann as well..

“She has been the little angel he’s tried to guide through life.”

As for the lawsuit we heard about today which you can read here, it claims Filiti hired Kenneth Chiaramonte who  was working in real state, he said Filiti made him signed an agreement where she promised him a long term work-relationship paying him $.000 a month plus benefits begging on April, 2010. She requested that he should moved into her home along his aged and ill mother.

Chiaramonte said that after he became aware Toni’ doctor dr. Levine was prescribing her unnecessary medication without examination he refuse to give those to her, in consequence she became abusive,  threatened him to fire him, kicked them out, he said she fired him on August 28, 2011 for refusal to engage in unlawful conduct. Chiaramonte claims Toni Ann was victim of sexual abuse by one of her family members.

“He refused to facilitate narcotics consumption by Toni Ann Filiti, nor would he facilitate her obtaining a narcotics prescription from a physician once he came to believe that the prescription was not warranted by any genuine medical condition….the continued drug abuse, refusal to obtain treatment for the long-term effects of sexual abuse and threats of firing and homelessness (due in large part to a failure to pay wages combined with the threat of eviction and discharge) were combined with a demand to sign a non-disclosure agreement. The threats included economic threats, threats of lawsuit and arrest.”

“There was never any disclosure by Employee of the facts of the familial sexual abuse or drug use prior to this harassment. In addition, Employee had knowledge of these facts prior to accepting employment. Any additional facts obtained during employment were not covered by any confidentiality agreement, written or oral made in relation to the employment.”

On recent reports we heard the sad news that Toni Ann Filiti  is in critical condition at UCLA hospital for two weeks already, Mrs. Jackie Stallone Toni’s mom said the doctors think she will not improve. Toni is battling stage 4 lung cancer, which has now spread to her brain.

“After losing my grandson, this has been too much to bear. Toni Ann is not doing well at all. She has lung cancer Stage 4, she has liver cancer, it has spread to her brain. I am doing terrible after having my grandson go, then my daughter [critical] at 48 years old. It isn’t easy. I don’t know what to do. She has been in UCLA for two weeks. She’s on IVs to stay alive. She is on all kinds of IVs to eat.”

“The doctors don’t think she will improve. What can you do? They have done everything; she even entered an experiment. I would like to bring her home. She is conscious and responsive sometimes, but not really. What we need is a miracle. I still believe there are miracles, it is the only thing that keeps you going. I always think some miracle will happen, and she will wake up and this is all a bad dream. I want her with us until the last hour. She looks beautiful lying there. But her condition is critical.” Jackie said.

It was reported that Toni Ann loss her battle to cancer on Sunday August 26th.

“She passed away last night and it was somewhat expected,” the insider revealed. After being in the ICU she decided she wanted to die in the house so she could spend time with her family.”

Last month the Stallone suffered the tragic loss of Sylvester’s eldest son Sage Stallone.

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