October 22, 2020

Tony Cornelius is Don Cornelius Son

Meet Tony Cornelius he is one of the two sons Soul Train creator Don Cornelius had with  his first wife, it was Tony who was the last to speak with his father before he killed himself but what did he said? Want to know Tony’s story? Then check it out!

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Anthony Cornelius the eldest son Don and first wife Delores Harrison, who he married on 1956, his younger brother is Raymond. It is unknown when his parent got divorce. In 2001 Tony ‘s dad remarried his second wife Viktoria Chapman Cornelius.

Tony Cornelius met his future wife actress and model Amy Hunter at his dad’s show Soul Train, where she co- hosted. Tony worked with his father.

Cornelius and Hunter got married in December 1997, during their marriage the had one daughter Christina Marie, eventually split up and got divorce.

Tony received a call from his father before he killed himself, it is unknown if Tony Cornelius was the one to find the body.

My father was extremely private and unfortunately, when you’re a private person, you keep things inside.

You know, it’s hard to imagine that you would — how you feel. You have to be in a person’s shoes really to understand. Obviously, me being extremely close to him, I could tell that he was uncomfortable. But our family could never know that he would — how uncomfortable he really was.”

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