March 4, 2021

Top Amber Rose Weight Loss 4 Tips Before and After Photos

Model Amber Rose recently showed off her amazing post-baby weight loss. She revealed it took him about 10 months to shed her baby weight. She revealed that she has 4 tips helped him lose weight. Just check out Amber Rose Weight Loss before and after photos.

Top Amber Rose Weight Loss 4 Tips Before and After Photos

 These 4 tips are:

  • Working out with a trainer for 1 and half an hour

“I work out every day,”“It’s hard to get off baby weight. It’s a different kind of weight because for nine months you stretch your stomach out, and then it’s hard to get that back.”

  • portion-control: it guarantees not taking in too much calories. But if you are at your breast feeding period, it’s more important for the balanced diet to make sure your baby have enough nutrition.
  • doing yoga
  • Healthy eating during pregnancy: eating healthy and do proper workout during pregnancy is very important because it helps recover weight after baby birth much quicker.

30 years old Amber, 5-foot-8, Amber, who’s married to rapper Wiz Khalifa also blamed many celebrities who lose weight in record time and it gave to new moms false hope. It’s interesting that she said ‘Absolutely no surgery’ which might give a hint to the fact that many celebrities actually shed baby weight by plastic surgery.

I’m almost at my goal weight. Just 7 pounds to go! Absolutely no surgery, just diet & exercise. Most celebs give u false hope when u have a baby ( My son was 9 lbs) and in 3 months ur supposed to be skinny again…

It’s not realistic in most cases. It takes 6 weeks to heal before u could even work out. Anyway, the moral of the story is losing baby weight the natural way takes longer but it’s much healthier for ur body and helps u stay strong to carry another baby. So don’t put ur life at risk for societies standards of when ur suppose to lose ur pregnancy weight. Take ur time & don’t take the easy way out.”