October 25, 2020

Tristyn Anthony Markhouse Yeater Is Justin Bieber Baby Son

Mariah Yeater the 20 year-old girl from Las Vegas who  is living in California recently said she has a one night stand with singer Justin Bieber resulting in her getting pregnant and giving birth to her son Tristyn Anthony Markhouse Yeater, the first pictures of this baby have been released. Do you think he looks like Justin?

Tristyn Anthony Markhouse Yeater picture

You all heard the story Mariah Yeater brought to us last week, but let’s sum it up..

She was at a Justin Bieber concert on October 2010 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles when one of Justin’s security guard asked her if she wanted to meet Justin, so she went backstage and had a little talk with the Baby, Baby singer, then a little flirt and the they were allegedly shagging in the bathroom for 30 seconds.

And then 36 weeks and a few days later on July 6th, 2011 her son Tristyn Anthony Markhouse Yeater was born at the Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa, San Diego in California. (Tristyn’s birth Certificate is below) as you can see the name of the father is blank, but  7 months before his birth Mariah told her high school ex-boyfriend from Las Vegas John Terranova he was her un-born baby’s father, but  like John his family said  that couldn’t be possible, so after getting into a fight with him and his new girlfriend Mariah got arrested and disappeared.


Next thing the world knew about her is this month when she claimed Tristyn’s father is Bieber, demanding for him to take a paternity test that would prove he is in fact the child’s father, he said he hasn’t even met Yeater, and now her lawyers won’t take any calls, considering they assure the world their client was telling the truth, I guess they must be having second thoughts I mean this mess and if Mariah’s claims turn out to be false  their careers will be in very bad light.

Mariah and Tristyn posed for Star Magazine and well today more pictures of them have been released.

Justin-Bieber-Baby-PicJustin-Bieber-Baby-PicturesJustin-Bieber-Baby-PictureTristyn Anthony Markhouse Yeater picturesTristyn Anthony Markhouse Yeater picmariah yeater son Tristyn Anthony YeaterMariah Yeater Justin bieber baby son Anthony Markhouse YeaterTristyn Anthony Markhouse Yeater pictureTristyn Anthony Markhouse YeaterMariah_Yeater_Justin_Bieber_baby_MamaMariah-Yeater-Justin-Bieber-baby-mamaMariah_Yeater_JUstin_BIeber_Picture

3 thoughts on “Tristyn Anthony Markhouse Yeater Is Justin Bieber Baby Son

  1. Justin was 16 years old at the time. Teenagers do things without thinking about the consequences. I wouldn’t put it past any young 16 year old male to turn down a 20 year old woman when it comes to sex even superstars. They are human like us they make mistakes its part of growing up. As for her…she should be prosecuted for having sex with a minor but they probably wont because it will be another child living on the system.

  2. Golpista safada quer da o golpe, essa vagabunda nao sabe quem e o pai dessa criança e fica procurando homen para asumir a criança que essa inresponsavel fez
    inresponsavel,indiota se nao pode cria a criança pra que fez ?agora fica procurando homens rico
    para asumir teu filho, fala serio sua vagabunda

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