January 18, 2021

Valerie Termini is Party Promoter Lady Valtronic

Meet Valerie Termini also known as Lay Valtronic she is a well known Brooklyn party promoter who  unfortunately had one of the worst night of her life, when two party goers attacked her leaving her with medium in juries, want to know the rest of the dirt? what about Valtronic’s story? I  thought so too.

Valerie Termini Lady Valtronic images

On March 18th Valerie Termini aka Lady Valtronic was allegedly attacked by 4 suspects, so far police have only identified identified as 22 year-old Ashley Deangelis and 24 year-0ld Gloriann Cabassa who turned themselves in while the other two remain at large.

These two women have been charged with felony assault in the second degree, Termini said she offered Deangelis a drink at the Superfine bar when two people who were with Deangelis began to yell at her  [wondering what the heck was the prob, it was only a drink, right? well yeah, but the “prob” was that Deangelis was the same woman that Valerie got into an argument a few week earlier at a pool] so after all the yelling, Valerie said, they got kicked out of Superfine, but the nightmare was not over, because they waited outside the bar until Valerie  got out and then they finished what they started..

First they burned her face by a cigarette  that was flickered directly to her face, they knocked her out the street and pounded her head on the cobble stone street right across the nightclub DUMBO, at the end Valerie Termini ended up with a bloody nose, a bite in her leg, orbital  bone around the eye bone broken, ripped skirt and shoes. She was lucky though she could have lost her eye or have a severe head trauma, but not lucky enough to keep her job after the attack Lady Valtronic was fired!.

“I lost a job because of this. I worked at the Flatiron Hotel in Midtown as a cocktail waitress. At the end of the night the bar manager told me that I couldn’t come back. He said, ‘you’re not pretty enough to work here anymore,’ and pointed to my face.”

Are you still wondering why is all the fuzz about Termini, people get into this kinds of things daily, sad but true, is she even hot? Oh yeah? Lady Valtronic is hot and if she was fired because of her injuries is their loss.

Allow me to tell you  just a bit about this sexy vixen and then is all about her pictures

So Valerie Termini who is  also known for her other name Lady Valtronic is the stunning 23 year-old Chameleon party promoter, she hosted  TRASH at The Studio at Webster Hall  last December, she said she smokes a lot and sleep too little.

*Note the last pic is not Valerie Termini but Vanessa her sister, pretty girl right?

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