January 24, 2021

Verity Chapman is Spencer Matthews’s New Model Girlfriend! (wiki, photos, bio)

Who is Verity Chapman? Verity Chapman is Spencer Matthews’s new model girlfriend! It’s unbelievable because Spencer Matthews and Louise Thompson was still together in E4 scripted reality recent series, but now you can see Spencer, 25 years old, with his new model girlfriend Verity Chapman now! Not enough materials on Verity Chapman wiki or bio, but you can see from Verity Chapman’s photos that she certainly has some quality that made Spencer fell in love with her!

“Their relationship was so hard to graft. I think he did have this kind of control over her. I think that it’s the best for everyone that they’re not together anymore.”- insider talking about Spencer and Louise’s relationship.

Still remember the happy times of Spencer Matthews with Louise Thompson? Seems Spencer not so happy! Louise is indeed a nice girl as she even forgave Spencer when he slept with ex-girlfriend Funda Onal in 2012. Maybe now Spencer has truly forgot Funda, as well as Louise. And maybe Funda and Louise will become good friends?

verity chapman 2

(Spencer Matthews with Louise Thompson, Wenn)

Verity Chapman and Spencer were spotted when attending a party of Hugo Taylor and his girlfriend Natalie Joel in Lonton. Seems the couple was very cautious of the public, but their hands closely holding together!

And Louise, the 22 year old student, didn’t lag behind! As it’s said she has moved on to date the co-star Andy Jordan now! They are both so efficient!

Spencer-Matthews-girlfriend 1
(Verity Chapman photos, wenn)

Verity Chapman’s model shape and curves and healthy skin color! Seems just from the holidays?

Spencer-Matthews-girlfriend photo 3

They are in public. If you compare this photo with the first one, you will see the difference. Spencer Matthew has the smile of confidence and Verity seems so sweet.

verity chapman pic 4

According to mirror.co.uk, Spencer Matthews is the Ian Beale of West London. This is official.