February 26, 2021

VIDEO: Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell’s Wedding Pictures

Sir Paul McCartney and  girlfriend Nancy Shevell are officially husband and Wife as they got married on Sunday October 9th, 2011 at the Marylebone registry office, Have you seen their wedding pictures? No Worries here they are!!


69 year-old Paul McCartney and 52 year-old Nancy Shevell’s love story began 4 years ago, they got engaged on May, 2011.

For their nuptials in London , the couple exchanged wedding rings designed by Neil Lane, Nancy’s wedding dress was designed certainly by her stepdaughter fashion designer Stella McCartney, I a simple yet delightful ceremony  at Marylebone Register Office (where Paul Married Linda) in front of 30 guests that included Paul’s five children his youngest seven year-old Beatrice, and Stella, James, Mary who is a photographer and Heather the daughter he and Linda adopted 41 years ago.

We are all so familiar with Paul’s story former ex- Beatle, married to Linda McCartney  from 1969until her tragic death on 1998, on 2002 he married Heather Mills divorced on 2008. But what about  Paul’s new wife Nancy??

Here  is a little biography on Nancy Shevell or should I say Mrs. Nancy McCartney……..

She was married for 20 years to Bruce Blakeman a lawyer until their divorce on 2008, has a BD in administration and a major in transportation from  Arizona State University, holds the Fred Harley Memorial Scholarship for Excellence in Transportation.

Was the Manager of Administration and later Director of Administration at  NEMF on 1983, on  1986 became  New England Motor Freight, Inc., new vice-president, co-chairwomen at the Arlene Walters Shevell Endowment Scholarship Fund, named chairperson at the Capital Construction Committee of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority on 2004 and let’s not forget her involvement in he family’s company the Shevell Group.

So after all this talk, here are Paul and Nancy’s wedding pictures, do you see Barbara Walters in there, after all she is Nancy’s cousin

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Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell’s Wedding Video

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