February 26, 2021

Vito Schnabel is Heidi Klum’s New Boyfriend and Demi Moore’s Ex-Boyfriend (photos, wiki, bio, age)

Meet Vito Schnabel, 27 year old Vito Schnabel became Heidi Klum’s new boyfriend recently and he is also Demi Moore’s ex-boyfriend. After 40 year old Heidi Klum ended the relationship with Martin Kristen, her bodyguard boyfriend, Heidi moves now and now she seems to have found her new relationship.

Vito Schnabel is Heidi Klum's New Boyfriend and Demi Moore's Ex-Boyfriend (photos, wiki, bio, age) 2

Although Vito Schnabel is just 27 years old, he has made his name as as a well known modern art dealer and curator. His father is artist/director Julian Schnabel. This is not the first time Vito Schnabel dated girlfriend older than him. Vito’s ex-girlfriend is 51 year old Demi Moore and they two dated at the end of 2012. His ex-girlfriends also include Elle Macpherson and Liv Tyler.

Vito Schnabel is Heidi Klum's New Boyfriend and Demi Moore's Ex-Boyfriend (photos, wiki, bio, age)

According to People magazine, Vito grew up in the art world and Hollywood royalty and became famous when he was a teenager.

“They are just constantly around beautiful and fabulous women and run with a very cool crowd,” “They’re fun people.” – insider

Vito Schnabel’s talent was expressed when he was just 16 year old when he curated his group show then he shoed artworks around the world after 7 years. He also represents big names such as Terence Koh, Rene Ricard and Dustin Yellin in contemporary art. He also produced The Bruce High Quality Foundation’s Brucennial in 2010.

Vito Schnabel and Heidi Klum were spotted dating at aturday night at Hollywood hotspot Bootsy Bellows.

“Heidi was acting like a teenager. I guess being with a younger guy was making her act like she was in high school. She was kissing his face all over as they enjoyed drinks with friends. They hardly left the booth — they just sat next to each other, touching from the shoulder down, laughing and flirting and making out.”

According to the insider, when they were at David Arquette’s club, they acted as the lovers in hot romance.

“You could tell that they were in the moment. He got there earlier and got everything set up, then she came and it was pretty hot and heavy right from there,” “They were making out almost all night and stayed there almost until close. They were both enjoying themselves.”

“This looks like a hot romance. I don’t know if it’s going to last, but there is some serious chemistry between these two. They were both totally into each other.”

According to US magazine,

“They were all over each other,” “They were making out on the dance floor. They are definitely an item.” 

But it seems they still don’t want to open their relationship because they  they left David Arquette’s club, they went into their cars seperately.