March 4, 2021

Watch: Alan Schram is Russell Armstrong’s Business Associate

Another horribly suicide surrounding Russell Armstrong mysterious death has been discovered, Alan Schram his and Taylor’s close friend and business associate killed himself a day after Russell’s body was found, what is the mister behind Adam’s death?


Taylor Armstrong from the Beverly Hills Housewives lost her husband Russell Armstrong when he was founded, hanging at a friend’s house on Monday August 15th,2011, Russell used an electrical cord to hang himself. An autopsy has confirmed Russell’s cause of death was suicide, he left no note and rumors about his motives pointed to finances trouble and sexual orientation secrets about to be revealed.

Armstrong’s friend and partner Alan Schram killed himself the day after Russell’s body was found, he died to a single wound shot in the head, Alan was found inside his parked car on outside of his parked car on Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles, like Russell Schram left no suicide note and the reason for is suicide are a real mystery, Alan’s financial status is unsure he was a finances writer at the Huffington Post and was also a contributor at SeekingAlpha, both friends were part of the high net-worth business men talked and discussed each other finances called Tiger 21, which is strange singe Armstrong was having significantly financial trouble.

But what do we know about Alan Schram? Here is a little bio..

Alan Schram grew up in Israel, served the Israeli Air Force and was a veteran of the Gulf War, He went to UCLA’s Anderson School of Management where he allegedly got his masters degree in business administration. On 1997 he was working for major investors by managing their portfolios, then he co funded his technology investment company Sitestar Corporation.  On 2000 he founded Wellcap Partners.

You might have noticed I used “allegedly” on his college education, that is because I found another source that said Alan Schram didn’t got a masters degree from UCLA, the HFA (Hedge Fund Alert)reported on 2006 that Alan Schram got a certificate from an executive education program by UCLA on 2005 but no Masters Degree, due to this he and his company WellCap was force to stop accepting more contributors, Schram trades U.S stocks thu his WCM Capital (where he referred as himself as WC’s secretary, Chief Officer and president which means he gets about $25M in assets), when he was questioned about his masters degree he said it was a misunderstanding and his information and other documents were accurate, added that he has returned money to any of his investors that wanted out.

What motives could Alan Schram had to end his life? Sources said  he was happily married, was he having millionaire financial issues, or more dark secrets like Russell that would put his career and  his company’s future in jeopardy or bankruptcy. What went wrong?

His wife is currently in Israel, nobody was available for comments and more details about Schram’s suicide. Our condolences go out to his family and friends

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