March 5, 2021

Watch: Leila Shennib is Jose Canseco’s Ex-girlfriend (pics, video, bio)

Leila Shennib a stunning model used date former baseball player Jose Canseco, who apparently doesn’t takes break ups so well, he posted shady posts on his twitter and even her digits, she said he also began to harassed her . Check out Leila Shennib’s bio, pics and video right here.


Leila Shennib was born in Danville, California on December 24th, 1986. She went to Monte Vista  High School and to San Ramon  Valley high, after graduation Leslie enrolled at San Francisco State University  where earned her degree in kinesiology on 2008.

Her smoking hot body is the results of a healthy diet, gymnastics which she did since she was a child, got into competitions and then continue to get involved with but as a coach in fact she was a gymnastic coach for a little more than 8 years, kick boxing, hiking, swimming, yoga plus other sports. These others sports include horseback riding, volleyball and even wrestling which she began practicing since high school when she joined her school’s wrestling team; as for modeling she has been doing it since she was 19.

Some of her modeling experience include ads for Walmart, Nascar, Miller, Corona, Torso Flex Abs (infomercial), Budweiser, Hawaiian Tropic, among others. She has been in campaigns for West Coast Leather, Monchelli, Good Living, Cocoa Jeans and Hawaiian Tropic. And don’t think for a second that she stop there, she has some acting experience as well  small parts in television shows like Prime Suspects, Law and Order, Entourage, NCIS. Leila has been featured in music videos for Neyo (Champagne Life), Snoop Dogg, Akin and Dr. Dre’s video “Kush”.

Leila used to date Jose Canseco until this February, after that he began tweeting horrible things about her, posting her phone number and according to a claimed file by her on August he showed and erratic, threatening and scary behavior, she recently was granted with a three year restraining order to keep him away from her, her family, their jobs and he can’t contact her nor another person send by him.

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