October 25, 2020

Watch: Mariah Yeater Interview Video

Justin Bieber’s alleged Baby Mama is speaking up, in an exclusive interview with the insider, watch from her own lips how she describes the night she and JB allegedly procreated a baby.

Mariah Yeater interview

Mariah Yeater s standing up for her story where she comes out as the mother of Justin Bieber’s first child, a boy named Tristyn Anthony Markhouse Yeater, I wonder it seemed to me she learn her story by heart because she said it just the way we have read it in her legal statement in the lawsuit released last week? Was she legally advise to do so by her lawyers? or is she just so damn good at this?

I guess we will know who is telling the truth in a few weeks after all Justin Bieber said that in order to en up with all of the rumors he is willing to take that paternity test, Mariah and her party are requesting for him to have, he added that he will take legal action against her.

Mariah Yeater interview picMariah Yeater interview picture

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