March 6, 2021

Watch: New Breaking Dawn Trailer Video Released

Ok all of you Twilight fans we are still waiting and counting the days (65) but today a new  trailer video has been revealed and it is just simply 2 minutes and 31 seconds of awesomeness, Check it out!

Breaking Dawn Part I pictures

On this new Breaking Dawn’ trailer video Part I we have a more clear view of Bella and Edward’s wedding, like their vows and the moment when Jacobs tell s the human Bella goodbye, then we have a a few shots of their sexy honeymoon in Brazil from the moment they arrived at Isle Esme until the moment they realized Bella is pregnant.

Just a few days ago media revealed picture of Bella’s baby bump and in this video we can also see how fragile she looks, her insanely pale face, dark circles under her eyes and hoe little Renesmee is hurting his mommy without wanting to.

But check it remember Jacob’s pack turns against the Cullen because they are afraid the  baby growing up in Bella’s womb might be dangerous so they  would try to killed both, Jacob leaves the pack and a new fight might begin but then Leah Clearwater and her  little brother joined Jacob, (Leah because she is tired that everyone can hear her thoughts and because she obviously have feelings for Sam and well Seth because he think he should  stand up for his sister)  then we have Irina from the Delani Coven who tells the Volturi about  the Cullens creating a baby vampire which as you all know is forbidden,.( I might be confuse because Irina turning to the Volturi should be in Part II, soooo right at the end of the video we see the moment Bella is about to give birth and I guess that is this first part resumes and then we have 365 more days to wait for part II but that’s OK the wait is totally worthy right  Twilight aficionados!!!

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Breaking_Dawn_New Trailer_Video_pictureBreaking_Dawn_New Trailer_Video_picturesBreaking_Dawn_New Trailer_Video_picsBreaking_Dawn_New Trailer_Video_picBreaking_Dawn_New Trailer_Video_photosBreaking_Daawn_New Trailer_Video_imagesBreaking_Dawn_New Trailer_Video_photoBreaking_Dawn_New Trailer_Video_imageBreaking_Dawn_Part_I_picsBreaking_Dawn_Part_I_pictureBreaking_Dawn_Part_I_picturesBreaking_Dawn_Part_I_picBreaking_Dawn_Part_I_photosBreaking_Dawn_Part_I_photoBreaking_Dawn_Part_I_imagesBreaking_Dawn_Part_I_imageBreaking Dan Part IBreaking-Dawn-part-IBreaking-Dawn-part-I-pictureBreaking-Dawn-part-I-picturesBreaking-Dawn-part-I-imageBreaking-Dawn-part-I-imagesBreaking-Dawn-part-I-picBreaking-Dawn-part-I-picsBreaking Dan Part I pictureBreaking-Dawn-part-I-photosBreaking Dan Part I picturesBreaking-Dawn-part-I-photoBreaking Dan Part I picBreaking Dan Part I photosBreaking Dan Part I pics

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