January 18, 2021

Watch: Nicholas Gordon – Whitney Houston Adopted Son/ Bobbi Kristina’s Boyfriend

Whitney Houston sudden death has left a big hole in all of our hearts, when people send their their condolences they send it to Whitney’s children, but isn’t Bobbi Kristina her only child? well maybe her only biological child but our boy Nicholas Gordon is Whitney Houston beloved adoptive son who she cared and love like her own, because of that we are going to learn more about Nick, so are you ready? Did I mention that he is currently dating Whitney’s daughter Bobbi Kristina and probably they are engaged?

Nicholas D Gordon Whitey Houston son

22 year-old Nicholas Gordon or Nick Gordon  currently lives in Georgia, he was posing  with his sister Bobbi Kristina and Whitney ion their way to New York City , the pic was posted by Bobbi. some people might have forgotten Nick is also suffering  over the death of his mother, others  send him their condolences

On April 1st. last year Nick Gordon was involved in a gun brawl that also included his baby sister and her then boyfriend .Max Lomas, apparently and according to the National Enquirer BK was highly intoxicated when she got in a car with three other people, while Nick was in his car with Lomas, they followed the car BK was riding in and  when they stopped at a red light they got out of the car, Lomas hit the driver at the other car, and Nick pulled out his gun, waved in the air as to try to stop them from continued to hurt each other, the gun a Glock 19 was confiscated as well as the ammunition found in Gordon’s globe compartment, BK was not driving but she was charged with possession of alcohol as a minor but Nick could have been in jail for a year if he found guilty.

There is no much info about Nick Gordon, we do know that Whitney tool him as her child when he was very little, some readers left comments in an article published by The Guardian where they said she legally adopted him about 5 years ago, he and Bobbi Kristina are very close and referred about each other as brother and sister. In 2009 the LATimes referred to Nicholas Whitney’s newly adopted son.

Other media talked about Nick Gordon as Whitney’s secret son, but he has never been a secret, Nicholas has been in many of her shows and other special events also with his sister, what I can’t really confirmed is whether  or not he was adopted by her, Do you know something?

Nicholas, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your beloved family.

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Yes, it is true Bobbi Kristina and Nick are dating,  they are not shy to show the world their love, whether her grandmother likes or not Bobbi K and Nick are so dating and engaged? is that an engagement ring on her finger?

11 thoughts on “Watch: Nicholas Gordon – Whitney Houston Adopted Son/ Bobbi Kristina’s Boyfriend

  1. Whitney could have been caring for a relative’s child. Lots of us have done this. Just a thought.

  2. I went to high school with Nick. I remember when he moved back to Georgia when he was 13. A couple years later I got back in contact with him, and he told me he was adopted by Whitney. RIP

  3. Really Megan? Me and his brother are friends on facecbook, I havent seen Nick in years though. His brother said he had been adopted just wasnt sure.

  4. Wow yea he was born in ohio then lived In Illinois for a while he was my neighbor then moved back to Georgia wow

  5. nick moved in with them around 2008. he was already over 18. he looks over krissi like a brother & whitney called him son… as far as legally… he wasnt adopted but he does cares for them as if they were blood.

  6. Who are Nick’s bio parents& siblings? Why did he get kicked out of his bio mom’s house?Did he graduate H.S.,go to college?

  7. Nick Gordon called Bobby Brown a loser, but Nickie is the loser. Bobby Brown got millions what in the hell does Nickie?. He should pull his shorts out of his butt and be a man. When are they going too charge the punk anyway?.

  8. This pretty much proves that Nick Gordon was not “adopted” by Whitney Houston as a young boy, but came into the family as his mother stated on the Dr. Phil show, when he was 18. I don’t recall Whitney Houston ever claiming to have adopted a son or another child but I think that’s what Nick wanted everyone to believe. Where are the pictures of Nick and Whitney through the years? Being part of a posse is not the same as being a son. On this site, a commenter says she remembers when Nick moved back to Georgia and HE WAS 13. That pretty much blows the “adopted as a 12 year old waif” story out of the water. Nick’s mom said he met Krissy when she was 12 so he was 15, and then he moved in after his 18th birthday. There is nothing that checks out with this guy and his “stories.” Also, Max Lomas was the person who discovered Krissy in the tub when she was found unresponsive although initially Nick claimed that he was the one who had found her too. We see here that Max Lomas was her boyfriend before NIck Gordon? And Nick was waving around guns and getting into car accidents and trouble back then too? Nick Gordon just wants fame and pity. He’s a lecherous, sleazy liar.

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