November 27, 2020

Watch: Taylor Armstrong’s First Interview Video

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Taylor Armstrong is speaking for the first-time since her husband Russell Armstrong’s suicide, in this interview she gave exclusively to Entertainment Tonight she talks about the alleged physical abuse from her deceased husband.


Last week we saw Taylor Armstrong’s swollen and bloody face from the time she was sent to the hospital after her husband Russell allegedly attacked her, some sources said the pictures were a phony other said Taylor was utterly abused. The NY Post reported Taylor received a six figure deal for her pictures

Taylor also said Russell forced her to blame daughter Kennedy for her injuries, Taylor also said her daughter never saw her like that.

But in this interview that will air tonight Taylor opens up about everything from the first time he hit her while pregnant to the tragic day when they found Russell dead and she was allowed to hold him for the last time,..

“The first time he ever really harmed me physically, I was pregnant with Kennedy and he grabbed me by the throat and held me up against a wall,” she says. “I saw his ability to go from zero to 60 that quickly.”

“I did not [see his body]  I asked the…and I’m sure a lot of people won’t understand this…but I asked the emergency workers if I could go in and hug him before they took him away but they wouldn’t let me,” a tearful Taylor shares. “I just felt like I needed to see him one last time, but they wouldn’t let me.”


Taylor Armstrong First Interview Video

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