March 2, 2021

WATCH: Vincent Minillo Jr – Vanessa Minillo Brother (photos)

Last year we had the opportunity to meet Vanessa Minnillo mother Helen Bondoc, today her brother Vincent Minnillo Jr. came around. What do you know about him?

Vanessa Minnillo Brother Vincent Minnillo Jr

33 year-old Vincent John Minnillo Jr is Vanessa Minnillo’s adoptive brother, her mother Helen  and father Vince adopted him when they left the Clark Air Base in Angeles City, Pampanga and relocated in Los Angeles in 1981.

Vincent along family lived all over the U.S from Nevada, Florida, Germany and Japan before settling down in Charleston, S.C, but then came the difficult process of their parents separation in 1983, their divorce in 1986 and custody battle which Helen won they moved to Florida and the to Las Vegas. Years later Vincent relocated to Turkey when his mother remarried an  U.S. Air Force serviceman, they went back to the States when the Persian Gulf War began in 1990 and were forced to  moved back.

Vincent Minnillo Jr and sister Vanessa  moved in with their father and his new wife Donna after their mother left them telling Vince she no longer could take care of them at least for that moment she told him she was coming back for them.

After that we didn’t hear from Helen or Vincent both of them said they were invited to Vanessa’s wedding, Helen lives in a mobile home in South Carolina as for Vincent Minnillo Jr. studied in Our Lady Of The Assumption School in 1987, then on 1991 he enrolled at Divine Redeemer School, followed by Bishop England High School and finally graduating in 1997 from St. Andrews Parish High School in South Carolina. Today he lives in Illinois where he serves as Frozen Manager at a County Market in Springfield.

A insider talked about Vincent not being invited to his sister wedding and not talking to her in years.

“Vincent and Vanessa were really, really close when they were kids,” a source says. “But for whatever reason, she stopped talking with him years ago. It hurt Vincent initially, but he’s moved on and just accepts it for what it is.”

Scroll down for childhood pics of Vincent Minnillo and sister Vanessa and recent ones.

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