January 15, 2021

Zachary Pym Williams Son Of Robin Willams Still Healing!

Zachary Pym Williams,31, one of three children of the late actor Robin Williams. It’s been over 6 months since his father the comedian and actor Robin Williams died after he committed suicide at  63, in his Northern California home. The oldest son of Williams who is known as Zak Williams, was the product of Robin’s first marriage to actress Valerie Velardi. When Zak was a young child living in Northern Californian, his parents hired a full time nanny, Marsha Garces. In 1987 Marsha became pregnant with Robin’s child, and what followed was a national scandal. By the time of Williams’ summer 2014 passing, the toxic fumes from the scandal had quieted down quite a bit.

Robin and Zak Williams
Robin and Zak Williams

Nevertheless when it first erupted in the late 80’s, it was front and center of every celebrity talk show and tabloid nationwide. Williams and Zak’s mother divorced in 1988 after 11 years of marriage. Robin went on to have 2 children with Marsha after marrying her in 1989. He had Zelda and Cody, and would divorce Garces in 2010. Zak Williams has spoken out on his father’s passing in the months following his passing, he publicly thanks fans and supporters world wide for their outpouring of well wishes for the Williams family.

In-spite of Garces indiscretions with Williams, while he was still married to Zak’s mother, there appears to be no bad blood between the two. He threw out the first pitch at the World Series game in October, as his step mother and siblings looked on. However all is not well between Zak, his siblings and the 3rd wife of Williams, Susan Schneider. Williams and Schneider were only married three years when the actor passed away. According to the Williams children the actor left specific instructions in his will regarding personal effects. The children claimed in legal documents that the actor left everything to the three of them. Schneider says he left many  items to her, and has barred the children from entering the home she shared with their father.

There are legal dates forthcoming when the two parties will battle it out before a probate judge, however in the mean time, the parties are not speaking to each other. Zak has said the situation is very unfortunate, but he knows that his father wanted his children to have cherished keepsakes. One of Robin Williams closest friends the late Superman actor Chris Reeves, left behind a legacy with his Christoper Reeves Foundation. Zak recently paid tribute to his father at the foundation. He said “I love those two people so much, Robin was my father, Chris was my godfather. There friendship beginning as college roommates at Julliard was nothing short of amazing. The Chris I spent the most time with after the accident, and I honestly think that after that the friendship from best friends to something deeper. They always found time to give their all to those in need. I miss them dearly but I know that they are in all of our hearts forever.  In my eyes they are my superheros.”

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