March 2, 2021

Zoe Whelan is Niall Horan’s Irish Model Girlfriend (Photos, wiki, Zoe Whelan wikipedia)

Meet Zoe Whelan here (Zoe Whelan wikipedia), Zoe Whelan is Niall Horan’s girlfriend, this is a heartbreaking news for Niall Horan’s fans.

Zoe Whelan and Niall met each other at a concert when Zoe was on a travelling and Niall was on the tour, then Niall began dating her. In fact, they two have been together for months, according to one insider.

Zoe Whelan photo1(Zoe Whelan photos)

‘Niall has been secretly seeing Zoe for a couple of months after he met her backstage,’

Zoe Whelan is an Irish model, though she is a Dubliner, she works mainly in London for her career as a model. Zoe Whelan travelled to UK to meet her on the band’s tour. She is a shy and attractive girl.

Zoe Whelan picture 2(Zoe Whelan pictures)

Niall Horan, The 19-year-old famous singer brought Zoe back his hometown of Mullingar, even introduced her to his family in the wedding of his brother last month, every sign shows Niall is so serious about this relationship! It’s said this is the first time he brought a girl to his hometown since he became famous.

Zoe’s the first girlfriend Niall has brought back to his hometown of Mullingar since making it big, so it was a big deal and the talk of his family at the wedding.’ – insider

Niall’s family also loves this Irish girl very much.

“His family all really took a shine to Zoe”

Though Zoe denied her as Niall Horan’s girlfriend, said they were just common friends, but it seems not a truth! See the following article:

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