March 4, 2021

10 Facts About Peyton Manning’s Wife, Ashley Manning (Ashley Thompson)

Meet Ashley Manning (Ashley Thompson) here! A lady who gives off a lot of charm like a true Southern Belle, an epitome of a modern woman. The bright. Fun – loving and attractive Ashley Manning is full of energy. There are certain facts you need to know about Peyton Manning’s wife, Ashley Manning.6 Facts About Peyton Manning Wife, Ashley Manning

1. Ashley Manning’s father is a notable commercial real estate developer and investment banker.
2. Ashley Manning born and raised in Memphis, Tenn., was the second child and she had 3 siblings. Her older sister’s name is Allison while her younger brother and sister are Will and Leigh.
3. Manning took part in the Service Over Self program where students go out for a whole week and work with needy homeowners in their home renovations in the heart of Memphis, Tenn. Although just one week was given for this exercise, Ashley did hers for 4 weeks.
4. In her high school days, Ashley was given an honor by being inducted into the Ascensus Society, an honor society for individuals noted for outstanding charity involvement.
5. Ashley Manning went to the University of Virginia and graduated in the year 1997
6. How she got to know Peyton? Well, she was introduced to Peyton Manning by parent’s next door name before Peyton went to college.
7. Peyton and Ashley got married on St Patrick’s day in 2001. Peyton Manning got married to Ashley Simpson in Memphis on March 17, 2011 which turned out to be St Patrick’s Day. The date, March 17, found its way into Manning’s career 11 years later, when he put off a major decision. The decision was thus, for him and Ashley to have a good time and celebrate their 11th anniversary in Tennessee’s Smokey Mountains, he, Peyton, had to sign with a free agent.
8. Peyton and Ashley welcomed Twins named Marshall and Mosley in 2011
The Manning family welcomed twins- a son named Marshall and a daughter named Mosley – in 2011.
9. Ashley became a minority owner of the Memphis Grizzlies in 2012
Ashley along with Penny Hardaway, Justin Timberlake and former Congressman Harold Ford Jr. Ashley paid a whooping sum of $5 million, giving her a 2.84 percent stake. It was reported at that time by The Denver Post that Ashley went for an ownership stake to ensure the grizzlies stayed in Memphis
10. Ashley Manning, unlike other sport celebrity wives tries her best to keep her life and family life as private as possible. She does everything possible to stay away from the spotlight.

An incredible woman she is. Ashley Manning is indeed a woman you will always want to know more about.

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