March 6, 2021

Actor Andrew Lincoln Has A Happy Life With Wife Gael Anderson!

Actor Andrew Lincoln,41, has been married to Gael Anderson,39 since 2006. She is the daughter of rock musician Ian Anderson,67, who is a member of the rock band, Jethro Tull. The couple were married and had many of the world’s rich and famous in attendance at their wedding. Their flower girl Apple Moses who is now 11 but at the time was 2. She is the daughter of actress Gwyneth Paltrow and British Cold Play rocker, Chris Martin. The couple live in England with their two young children.

Lincoln is the star of the American TV show on AMC ‘Walking Dead’. He plays Rick Grimes on the show. The show just wrapped up it’s fifth season. Lincoln attended a fan event and discussed his character. He was specifically asked how he was able to get the Rick voice for the show that he uses. He said ” It came early, when I got the gig, I heard my brother’s voice in my head saying don’t screw it up. I thought I would arrive early and get the accent in place. I want to thank an amazing dialect coach called Jesse Drake who also works with others in the cast who come on teh show. She’s amazing she writes it phonetically. It looks like gibberish. It’s funny when I go to dinner parties and see that they are drunk, I had them the lines from her and say read this.”


He also added, “I just wanted to get that done, before I even saw a zombie. Because I felt that I had a lot more to worry about on my plate. I wreck my voice sometimes, if there are any zombies here that worked on the show, they can tell you they have seen me do quite weird things.” When the show premiered it’s 5th season in October, it was the most watched show in Cable in history.  More than 17 million people tuned in. It follows a group of people surviving a zombie a Apocalypse.

The show really is about how the group of people survive the unthinkable. Lincoln said “The thing that really keyed me into the show, is that it really does show how people show their true colors when the face a life or death situation. I think the themes within the season will be whether or not the rest of the family is willing to go with with Rick into this very dark and brutal place.” Lincoln told David Letterman that his real last name is Clutterbuck and that his first agent convinced him to change his last name to Lincoln professionally. He said his real name made him sound like a Hobbit.  He said he had no idea who his wife’s father was when he first him. He said he seemed like a very normal average father in law. He only realized who he was, when Anderson invited him to one of his Jethro Tull shows, ahe saw him playing the flute and wearing tights.

Gael Anderson leads a relatively low key  life in England, she is a general assistant for a grocery store in England called ‘Sainsbury’s. She took the job well after she married Lincoln in 2013.

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